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Kushti Movie – Kushti Movie Review – Kushti Introduces a Bunch of Laughs with the WWE Champ “The Great Khali”

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kushti 2010 Movie
Kushti is a new comedy Hindi movie of Bollywood which releases on 14th May, 2010 in Indian cinemas. Kushti movie is directed by Rajeev Kumar. Kushti movie introduces a bunch of laughs with the WWE Champ “The Great Khali”.

Rajpal Yadav as Chander, Nargis Bagheri as Laadli, Sharat Saxena as Avtar Singh and Om Puri as Jiten Singh are the leading casts of Kushti Hindi movie. Manoj Joshi, Khali and Asrani have also very effective role in the movie. The movie is directed by Rajeev Kumar.

Music director of Kushti Hindi film is Tauseef Akhtar and Srinivas K. Lyricist of the film is Sameer.

Kushti 2010 movie is set in a village in North India. The village is notorious for its obsession with wrestling. An annual wrestling match is decided by the trusteeship of the village temple. The match has been fought for the past many years between Jiten Singh and Avtar Singh.

Ladli is the daughter of Avtar Singh in Kushti movie. She is young and beautiful. Salman Khan is her hero.

Kushti movie introduces Chander in the village as a new Postmaster. He meets Laadli and falls in love with her. Soon, he finds out that Laadli is the daughter of the ferocious ex-wrestler, Avtar Singh.

One day Chander goes out to distribute letters as usual. But he mistakenly mixes up letters of Jiten Singh and Avtar Singh. This simple mistake brought the biggest disaster for Jiten Singh. This was a secret letter that was written by Jiten Singh. The letter was dedicated to the village prostitute with whom he is having a secret affair. Now, Avtar Singh calls in the village panchayath and exposes Jiten Sing.

In the process of Kushti story, a new postmaster arrives to take charge of the same Post office. The new postmaster comes to know about Chander’s fascination with Ladli. He informs Avtar Singh. Now, he sends some men to have Chander all beaten up. In this situation, Jiten Singh jumps into the fight with the motive of hitting back at Avtar Singh.

To see the crowd against him, Avtar Singh agrees to give his daughter’s hand to Chander in marriage. But there is a condition; Chander should win a wrestling match against his wrestler.

Chander’s opponent is a Seven and a half foot tall WWE Champ "The Great Khali". Will an ordinary postman be able to defeat "The Great Khali" to win his love back? Watch Kushti movie, to know more about the romance, comedy and the chase against Khali in the wrestling wring.

There is already a Tamil movie on the same name of Kushti 2010 movie. Wrestling is the second name of Kushti. It is the Deshi wrestling which is fought in India. The movie introduces the biggest drama and hilarious situation between love and war. Kushti is also a low-budgeted Hindi movie just like Admissions Open movie.


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