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“Fashion” Movie and Rumor on Fashion Movie

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fashion is movie of Madhur Bhandarkar which is now in rumor and debate. It is being said that harsh reality of the glamorous world of fashion industry shows the Fashion movie. Madhur Bhandarkar is always in light for his movies which is not on trends of Indian movie. His movie – Red Light etc. are always was in light. Like that his new movie “Fashion” is also in the light.

About the movie it is announced that Fashion is based on Geetanjali Nagpal's life. But about this Madhur Bhandarkar says, “It’s a movie about models in the fashion industry. Kangana’s character is an ultra-successful supermodel; I doubt if Geetanjali was a supermodel ever.”

The movie “Fashion” is on the story of a Super Model surely but shows the reality of a model life and fashion world which is related to the model.

In the Fashion Kangana Ranaut's will play the character of a model which is related to Geetanjali Nagpal's life but is is not sure because it can be incidents.

However, the movie will change the concept of Indian movie and will give something new like – Red light, Page 3, Water etc.

Blood Diamond Movie Reviews and My Thought on Blood Diamond Movie

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Blood Diamond Movie

I don't like all the movie but some movie is liked by me much. In the series some movie are involve with Blood Diamond. It is not new movie. But I am writing its review here because the movie I watched yesterday with my wife.

The movie theme is on the life struggle of South Africa people. All the fight is moving surround the diamond. Some capitalist who have money goes in South Africa and make slave by the power of gun South African people to get the diamond.

The Blood Diamond movie was released in 2006 in the direction of Edward Zwick and in the starting of movie participators are Leonardo DiCaprio, Jenifer Connelly, Djimon Hounsou, Stephen Collins etc.

In the review of movies.nytimes.com writes,
“...Blood Diamond” means well, but it also means box-office business. Hollywood has always traveled to faraway places (or at least tricked out sound stages) to spin yarns about moral calamity perfumed with the exotic. Whether down Mexico way or in Morocco, it generally kept the atmospheric extras — the snake-hipped dancing girl, the scoundrel in the burnoose, the smiler in the fez — stashed in the background, where they wouldn’t distract from the star attractions. “Blood Diamond” wants to bring those blurred figures closer into view, notably through Solomon. But the rushing camerawork, breakneck editing, compulsion to go, go, go onto the next genre beat mean that there is next to no time for such niceties. The faces remain obscured, the voices muted, even as Danny comes sharply into focus..."

With the Blood diamond movie my thought is positive that the move show the reality of life when all the fight were finished after the death of diamond wanted people.

New Boollywood Released movies in September, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008

In the last week of August Bollywood movies were not effective. But here you can say in the whole September, 2008 there are not effective has been released. There list of movies which has been released in September, 2008:

Hijack: In the direction of Kunal Shivdasani and Produced by Dinesh Vijan.

Ru Ba Ru: In the direction of Arjun Bali and Produced by Percept Picture Company.

The Last Lear: In the direction of Rituparno Ghosh and Produced by Planman Motion Pictures.

Sas Bahu Aur Sensex: In the direction of Shona Urvashi and Produced by Jayshree Malhija.

Hulla: In the direction of Jaideep Varma and Produced by Big Pictures, Handmade Films.

Welcome To Sajjanpur: In the direction of Shyam Benegal and Produced by Ronnie Screwvala.

Along with there are some more movies were released in September, 2008 but these are some famous movies lists.

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