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Bal Hanuman 2 – Bal Hanuman 2 Movie Review – Bal Hanuman 2 Movie Introduces 3D Effects in Indian Cinemas

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bal Hanuman 2 Movie
Bal Hanuman 2 is a new animation movie which releases on 14th May, 2010 in Indian theaters. Bal Hanuman 2 movie is directed and created by Pankaj Sharma. Bal Hanuman 2 movie introduces 3D effects in Indian cinemas.

Bal Hanuman 2 movie brings the adventures of little Hanuman in the sequel to Bal Hanuman. The movie script touches the childhood antics of Lord Hanuman. The movie comes with full of action and adventure in Indian theaters.

Lord Hanuman is known for his great strength and power. The sequel of Bal Hanuman explores Hanuman’s mischief and brave feats. The adventurous animation movie comes with the 3-D effects.

Bal Hanuman 2 is being known as the India's first 3D digital animation film. The movie will be introduced in only selected theatres that are equipped with special projectors. The movie is being compared with the James Cameron epic – Avatar.

We already have watched Bal Ganesh 2, Little Krishna 3D animation film and Bird Idol movie. In the series of animation movie - Bal Hanuman 2 has also tried to establish its own essence with the 3D effects.

Director of Bal Hanuman 2 movie - Pankaj Sharma has tried to make the movie live. Background scenes, sound effects and animation effects of the movie are awesome.

Bal Hanuman 2 animation movie has introduced some other characters also such as – animated birds, animated crocodiles and animated elephants. All the animated characters of the film are really very appreciating.

Little Hanuman in Bal Hanuman 2 movie is very fast. He has style, techniques and humor also. The movie has tried to introduce the adventure comic with 3-D effects.

Bal Hanuman 2 movie has tried to introduce Hanuman in a new looks and style. Hanuman character is very live and adventurous in Bal Hanuman 2 film. The whole performance of the movie is very beautiful and appreciating.


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