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Tum Mile Movie - Tum Mile Movie Review - Tum Mile Hindi Film Release Date

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tum Mile 2009 Movie
Tum Mile is an upcoming Hindi movie of Bollywood which releases on 13th November, 2009 in the direction of Kunal Deshmukh. Tum Mile director, Kunal Deshmukh has already worked with Emraan Hashmi with Jannat (2008) movie in the camp of Mukesh Bhatt. Now, in Tum Mile movie, Emraan Hashmi has been introduced as leading male protagonist in the direction of Kunal Deshmukh.

Tum Mile Hindi film release date is conform now on 13th November, 2009. Mukesh Bhatt is very sure about the success of the movie because of the partnership with PVR pictures. Tum Mile movie will be released at about 1000 cinemas across the country.

The lead casts of Tum Mile movie are – Emraan Hashmi, Soha Ali Khan, Mantra, Rituraj, Atul Srivastav, Sachin Khurana, Raaj Seluja, Prerna Chawla and Kishori Shahane.

Tum Mile movie has been produced by Vishesh Films. Executive Producer of the movie is Kumkum Saigal. Music director of Tum Mile is Pritam. Tum Mile music has already gotten good popularity among listeners. Now, the movie is being waited by audiences in cinemas.

Choreographer of Tum Mile movie is Remo and Mehul. Ankur Tewari is writer of Tum Mile Hindi film. Production Head of Tum Mile 2009 movie is Sumit Sobherwal. Chief Assitant Director of Tum Mile Hindi movie is Sonali Rattan.

Tum Mile is a story about floods of Mumbai. It was 26th July, 2005. Tum Mile movie story tells about a story day of Mumbai floods. In the storm a girl runs into her past. On the other hand, a man also burn in the storm. This storm revolves around the love and struggle of life.

Tum Mile movie is introduced with the Mumbai floods where two star crossed ex-lovers. Two people meet after 6 years but now they are facing the different world.

Tum Mile movie story shifts between past and present of Emraan and Soha. A glorious past of two different people and their exciting love journey comes from their past. Their life journey and an inevitable separation come in light.

On the other hand, at present, there is a thrilling present in their life. Their fear, insecurity and struggle for their life in Mumbai's stormiest night take place. Will they survive the stormiest night over the city and all in it?

First time, Mukesh Bhatt has tried to present a love story in the midst of thrilling life by Tum Mile movie. The movie has covered a disaster of life where death is near to life. Whole city is covered with storm. There is no way to escape. In the mid of the crisis, they fight for their life. Tum Mile movie is based on natural disaster also where whole city is suffered with that. Many were killed in the floods.

Tum Mile movie story begins with the silence of thunder…where a life fights to survive. In the darkness of lighting… where someone search his destiny of life. The witness of love sent them in their past... when they had met each other. The love goes beyond the romance… and turns into survival of life. Already, Madhur Bhandarkar is near to launch a very realistic movie towards life, Jail after the success of Fashion movie. I think Tum Mile movie will be in the continuances of Jail movie that will reveal another aspect of life.

I think first time Mukesh Bhatt has tried to present some special and natural on the reality of life by Tum Mile movie. This is surly a real movie where life goes beyond the romance. We are just waiting for Tum Mile at cinemas on 13th November, 2009. Emraan Hashmi has acted as Ali Taha and Soha Ali Khan has played the character of Sanjana in Tum Mile movie.

Bal Ganesh 2 - Bal Ganesh 2 Movie - Bal Ganesh 2 Animated Movie Review

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bal Ganesh 2 Animated movie 2009
Bal Ganesh 2 is an animated Hindi movie of Bollywood which releases on 23rd October, 2009 in Indian cinema. Bal Ganesh 2 movie has been created in the continuances of Bal Ganesh. Director Pankaj Sharma had created the computer animated musical feature movie, Bal Ganesh in 2007. Now, in 2009, Pankaj Sharma is ready to launch, Bal Ganesh 2 movie in Indian cinema.

Bal Ganesh 2 has fun x 2, brave x 2 and naughty x 2. It means Bal Ganesh 2 movie has introduced everything double – fun, brave and naughty of the lord Ganesh. Bal Ganesh 2 introduces some deeper story of the lord Ganesh which was not in Bal Ganesh.

Bal Ganesh 2 movie story is based on the elephant headed God, Ganesh. According to the Hindu myth, Ganesh is the single son of the Lord Krishna. He is known as the very naughty God. His head is cut by his father, Lord Shiva and again added by him by an elephant head.

Bal Ganesh 2 animated movie has twice entertainment and fun on the 3D line animated film. Ganesh is known as the God of Gods and worshiped by millions of people across the world. Ganesh is famous as infant. So, he is known as Bal Ganesh popularly. He is worshiped first than other Gods on every occasion.

Ganapati, Vinayaka, and Pillaiyar are the other name of the lord Ganesh. Bal Ganesh 2 movie 2009 has brought new adventures of Bal Ganesh with topping music and great humor. The movie is visual pleasure for the entire family.

Bal Ganesh 2 animated movie is directed by Pankaj Sharma who is a skilled and trained team of professionals at Astute Media Vision. In his career, he has trained more than 100 professionals till date. By “Hukum Mere Aaka” TV serial on Sahara, he got nominated in the best Special Effects category at the “Indian Telly Awards”.

“Bal Hanuman” is also produced and directed by Pankaj Sharma. Pankaj Sharma is coming with Bal Ganesh 2 animated movie as a co-producer with Shemnaroo Entertainment. Bal Ganesh 2 is produced in association with Shemnaroo and written and directed by Pankaj Sharma.

Bal Ganesh 2 animated movie will be the next series of Little Krishna 3D animation film. Audiences can watch Bal Ganesh 2 movie in theater together their family. The movie is full with fun and entertainment. Music of Bal Ganesh 2 is also very good. Bal Ganesh 2 is an animated 3D movie on the musical theme.

Watch Bal Ganesh 2 animated movie in theater on 23rd October, 2009 in Indian cinema. Bal Ganesh 2 movie is family entertainment with the act of the Lord Ganesh.

Lord Ganesh in Bal Ganesh 2 Movie

Bal Ganesh 2 movie begins with the cut of head by the Lord Shiva. Bal Ganesh creates a great fun to play with animals. His best friend is mouse. The Lord Ganesh skates on the beautiful ice. He fights with many Rakshasa also. All the activity creates a great humor and fun. There is very cute Ganesh in Bal Ganesh 2 movie. Music is very thematic with the movie scenes. Background scenes of Bal Ganesh 2 are also very beautiful and attractive.

Jail Movie - Jail Movie Review - Jail 2009 Hindi Movie about a Thrilling Prison

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Jail Film 2009
Jail movie releases on 6th November, 2009 in the direction of Madhur Bhandarkar on the same date of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. Percept Picture Company and Bhandarkar Entertainment in Association with Mirah Entertainment, Sanjay Ghodwat Group and Maxwell Entertainment Present – Jail 2009 Hindi movie of Bollywood.

Jail movie has introduced many new characters along with the popular name such as - Neil Nitin Mukesh, Arya Babbar, Manoj Bajpai, Manish Mehta, Rahul Singh and Mugdha Godse.

As a film director Madhur Bhandarkar has always tried to give some new movie to audiences. His movies have always taken an off-track. He directs social movies which are really needed for the society. Madhur Bhandarkar tries to show the real face of our society. He wants to guide us in right direction by his movies. Madhur Bhandarkar always tries to give a new face in his movies. His some the most famous films are - Chandni Bar (2002), Page 3 (2005), Traffic Signal (2007), Fashion (2008). His next movie, Corporate 2 will come till 2010.

Neil Nitin Mukesh has also done many Hindi movies such as - Johnny Gaddaar, Aa Dekhen Zara and New York. His talent came in light by his last movie – New York. He came in light as the perfect actor by New York movie.

There is no need to say anything about popularity of Madhur Bhandarkar’s movies because he is the perfect director just like Amir Khan. Both does great job during their movies. They work less but hard.

Jail movie is based on the prison life. The movie reveals the real life story whatever happens inside the Jail with prisoner. Jail movie is a thrilling prison drama where truth of jail life will come in light.

Neil Nitin Mukesh is playing the character of Parag Dixit in Jail movie. Parag has strong believes in the God. He considers himself as the God's chosen child. He has everything gotten in his initial life such as loves, luxuries life and a happiest life. Parag works hard in his life to make all the things stable in his life. One fateful evening comes in his life and changes everything.

Arya Babbar will be seen as Kabir Mallik in Jail 2009 movie. He is also in his twenties just like Parag Dixit. He is not an innocent just like Parag Dixit. He has a sweet face but wily character. He works for underworld inside the jail. There is human side also in his character.

Manoj Bajpai has acted as Nawaab in Jail 2009 Hindi film. He knows the Parag's strength. He is honest and humble. He is inside the jail for last 10 years of his 20 year jail sentence. Everyone fears Nawaab. Parag is also willing to listen to him.

Manish Mehta has acted as Joe D’souza in Jail 2009 movie. He is a rich man’s son. He is the single child in his wealthy family.

Rahul Singh is playing the character of Abdul Ghani in Jail movie. He is a tough looking, silent and brooding type guy. He has a natural sense of brutal strength. He is under trail in jail due to connection of underworld. He has only love in his life – his beloved wife.

Mugdha Godse has acted as Maansi in Jail movie. She is love of Parag. She lives her life independently on her own interest. She has gotten a good opportunity in the movie after All The Best movie.

Story of Jail movie state a guy life story that is living a dream life with a great job. The guy is Parag Dixit who loves his loving girlfriend, Maansi. Suddenly the things turn into ugly after a series of unfortunate events. He finds himself in jail. He is handcuffed and beaten by the cops.

Parag Dixit wishes himself as a bad dream in the jail but it was not true. He had to face an ugly truth. He finds his salvation only in Nawaab in the jail because he believes that Parag is innocent.

At last, Parag discovers his inner mechanism and the responsibility for his miserable status inside the jail. He was bound to live in a broken hearts crowds and crushed souls in the jail. Now, he has only a choice to live a life inside the jail or to control the exploitation to start a fight against the system.

You will watch again an ugly face of truth in Jail movie. The movie will introduce a truth of prison, dynamics of jail, politics of criminal and fight against the inhuman system. Jail movie will introduce the prisoner which is inside the human being. I think Jail movie will be the next step of “The Legend of Bhagat Singh” movie where Parag will fight against inhuman condition inside the jail.

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani - Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani Movie - Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani A Comedy Love Story

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani
Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani is an upcoming Hindi movie which releases on 6th November, 2009 in the direction of Rajkumar Santoshi. Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif are in the lead roles in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani movie.

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani is a romantic comedy movie just like Love Khichadi movie. Most of the part of the movie was shot at Ooty, Mumbai, Goa and Turkey. Ramesh S Taurani is the producer of the movie.

Audiences are very eager to watch out a new look of Katrina Kaif in the movie. Katrina Kaif has already shown her a different looks in Blue movie with Zayed Khan but here, in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani Hindi movie she is completely different from his previous looks and styles. You can compare the looks of Katrina Kaif from her last released movie New York.

Katrina Kaif has proved herself in Bollywood industry. She has always tried to do something new in each movie. In Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani Hindi film she has tried to do some special role. She is playing the character of a beautiful, carefree and causal girl. She is very extrovert in her role. Life is enjoyment in her approach. In Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani movie, she is Ghazab lady in the life of Prem.

Ranbir Kapoor has acted as Prem in the movie. He is an Ajab guy. Ajab is known as very casual who does anything without pre-planning. Prem is Ajab and Katrina is Ghazab. The movie revolves around the romantic comedy love story between Prem and Katrina. So, the movie name is also very funny - Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani because they are Ajab and Ghazab.

Popularly Ajab and Ghazab are known as very unique things in the world. So, director Rajkumar Santoshi has tried to put something very unique as comedy in the movie. Pritam is music director of the movie who has tried to put something unique music in all songs. Irshad Kamil has given the lyric for the Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani music.

Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani movie is the most awaited movie of Ranbir Kapoor. His Wake up Sid movie didn’t get more popularity after releasing. Expectation was very high with that movie also but that didn’t get succeed.

Once more again, audiences are also waiting for the new match - Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor on big screen. Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani movie has introduced many characters in lead role such as - Ranbir Kapoor (Prem Chopra), Katrina Kaif (Jennifer), Darshan Jariwala (Shankar), Upen Patel (Rahul), Govind Namdeo (Pitambar), Smita Jaykar (Shalini), Jagdeep (Rustom) and Zakir Hussain (Sajid). Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani movie introduces Salman Khan also as special appearance.

Story of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani movie revolves around the Prem character who loves Jenny. Synopsis of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani is very funny. I watched the trailer also of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani.

There is Prem who is an Ajab guy. He is just a president of happiest life. He makes everybody happy always. But a time comes in his life and his happiest life turns into disaster. By mistakes, he kidnaps Jenny. Now, Jenny thinks he is the worst on the Earth. But he thinks she is the most beautiful. Surly, love can make you the strangest things in the world. So, Prem is already an Ajab guy and now, in his life loves came as Ghazab.

Prem has never worked in his life but now after having kidnapped Jenny, he spends his life hours and hours in churning out Ladoos and frying Jalebis in a Halwai shop. He always been pure vegetarian but now he is eating chicken also. He helps Jenny run way even his own wedding. Run dear run!, with a furious father, frustrated bridegroom, greedy don and a wily politician.

Prem Ki Prem Kahani has an Ajab beginning and a Ghazab ending in the Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. A natural comedy comes with each character in the movie. You will surly laugh when Prem’s mother asks about Jenny, “does she leave her house”. Prem replies, “No no! Mom, I have brought her.”

Releases date of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani movie is already confirmed. Official website of Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani film has confirmed the release date on 6th November, 2009.

3 Nights 4 Days Movie - 3 Nights 4 Days Movie Review - 3 Nights 4 Days Movie is Based on Wedding Party

Thursday, October 8, 2009

3 Nights 4 Days Movie 2009
3 Nights 4 Days is an upcoming Hindi movie of Bollywood which releases on 9th October, 2009 in Indian theater. Director of 3 Nights 4 Days movie is Devang Dholakia. The movie has been produced by a team - Sunil Pathare, Ryan Semelhago, Amit Kumar Mahoto and Devang Dholakia.

3 Nights 4 Days is a drama movie which introduced fun by a group of students. Associate Producer of the movie is Farid Amiri. Editor and Creative Director of 3 Nights 4 Days movie is Deepak Naidu. “Khawahishen” is the best song of 3 Nights 4 Days on rocking music which tells about the theme of the movie. Music of 3 Nights 4 Days movie has been directed by Daboo Malik. Executive producer of the movie is Lekhraj Siraswar. Arvind Singh is cinematographer of 3 Nights 4 Days movie.

Hindi movie 3 Nights 4 Days introduces many new faces such as Hrishitaa Bhatt as Antara. She is very open minded and extrovert girl. She is the most talented part of the theatre group of Pune. She is considered as a fabulous actress also. She was crazy about Rahul in college and seen in page 3 parties always.

3 Nights 4 Days movie has introduced Anuj Sahwney as Rahul. He is a rich guy. He is the master mind guys of market’s ups and downs.

Farid Amiri has been introduced as Amay in 3 Nights 4 Days movie. He is professionally actor. He was the most famous for a while but still he wants to live his life as a superstar.

Samir Aftab plays the character of Rocky in 3 Nights 4 Days movie. He is the most talented guy in music. He can play around 5 musical instruments at a time. He has already settled in Goa.

Madhuri Bhattacharya acts as Zoha in 3 Nights 4 Days movie. She has eye-catching looks. She has very sharp mind and she always do creative works.

Sanda Caktas is Marriane in 3 Nights 4 Days movie. She has profession of life guard. She comes from Croatia to Goa as tourist. She completely falls in love with Rocky and decided to marry but she doesn’t know what will happen in her life in the next 3 nights and 4 days.

Pinky Harwani has acted as Priya in 3 Nights 4 Days movie. She is very romantic girl in her group. She also falls in love with Rocky but she never talked about this before.

Areesz Gandhi has acted as Zombie in 3 Nights 4 Days movie. He is friend of Marriane. He lives in Goa. He is happy guy by his nature.

Choreographer of Hindi movie 3 Nights 4 Days is Longinus. 3 Nights 4 Days is a wedding movie which introduces a group of friend and their fun and enjoyment. The movie leads the choice of new generation.

The movie story begins with Goa. A group of friend reunites in Goa for 3 Nights and 4 Days. 3 Nights 4 Days movie story tells about fun and enjoyment of 3 Nights and 4 Days by a group of friends. There is a marriage ceremony of Marianne and Rocky.

There is Rahul, Priya, Zoha, Amay and Antara who go in Goa for wedding. These old friends reunite in the wedding of Marriane and Rocky. This is the time to remember some olds memories. But they are not old now; their personalities, thoughts and status have been changed. As they unite, their conversation begins. This conversation creates marriage leaving problem by Marriane. Now, will she back? Do they get married?

In the center of 3 Nights and 4 Days, there is wedding occasion. The friends reunite in wedding ceremony in Goa. The movie shows the fun and enjoyment of Goa. There are smoking, party, beach and a new culture of Goa which are introduced in the movie. Director has tried to put everything about Goa just like London Dreams movie.

3 Nights and 4 Days movie releases on the same date of Acid Factory movie. 3 Nights and 4 Days movie has only new face of Bollywood for audiences. Will audiences enjoy new face? The movie leads the new generation, new culture and new fun among group of friends.

Acid Factory Movie Review - Acid Factory Hindi Movie Releases as Action and Thriller Movie

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Acid Factory Hindi Movie
Acid Factory is an upcoming Hindi movie in the direction of Suparn Verma under the banner of White Feather Films. This is also the most awaited movie of Bollywood which introduces a great action and thriller. We all were confused that the movie is inspired by a Hollywood movie - Saw (2004) but Suparn Verma made the thing very clear from his statement, “The film is an action thriller for sure but it won't get into the kind of violence which would make you cringe in your seats. And before you ask me, let me clarify that it is not based on Hollywood flick Saw. Some people do feel that Acid Factory draws inspiration from Saw but let me clarify that my film has nothing to do with it. There are absolutely zero similarities between the two films”. So, according to him Acid Factory is not at all related to Saw Hollywood move but they have taken factory scene from that movie.

Saw 2004 was the most famous Hollywood horror movie in the direction of James Wan. So, we should not confuse with this matter that Acid Factory movie is similar to Saw Hollywood movie.

Name of the movie Acid Factory comes through a place name which is known as Acid Factory. The whole story of Acid Factory Hindi movie revolves around the place – Acid Factory.

Story of Acid Factory movie is based on human being memory. Memory is known as the all sources of emotions. Memory is known as the source of guilt, sensations and thoughts also. For example – if you loose your memory then what will be with you? What will happen, if a killer would wake up one day with his erased memory? Would his crimes and crimes case exist?

On the other hand, what would be if an innocent wakes up one day with his erased memory and perceives him as to be a criminal?

Acid Factory Hindi movie 2009 is based on a group of characters whose sense of past has vanished in a haze of comma. They have wakened up just to discover a reality that could be a fragment or imagination.

Audiences will watch 5 men in a luck up which is actually a Factory. Two men are kidnapped and they hostage by 3 men. There is another twist in the movie that no one knows who kidnappers is and who hostages is.

Acid Factory movie introduces everything as very vague. They got a call by their boss. They are in fear, in fight and in save of life. The movie introduces high level action and horror thriller. Ground action of the movie is just like Blue Hindi movie.

Acid Factor movie introduces Fardeen Khan, Irrfan Khan, Manoj Bajpai, Dino Morea, Aftab Shivdasani, Danny Denzongpa, Dia Mirza and Gulshan Grover in main casts. Cinematographer of the movie is Sahil Kapoor. Acid Factory Hindi movie is distributed by Mumbai Mantra. Sanjay Gupta is producer of the movie. Music of the movie has been given by a team - Shamir Tandon, Gourav Dasgupta, Bappa Lahiri and Manasi Scott.

Acid Factory Hindi movie introduces same action just like Chocolate 2005 Hindi Movie. Action of the movie is very dreamy which is not able to connect through reality. The movie releases on 9th October, 2009 in Indian theater.

Blue Movie Review - Blue Hindi Movie 2009 Underwater Action for Treasury

Blue Hindi Movie 2009
Blue is a negative sense in common understanding. First Blue movie which was released in 1969 was based on inter-relationship of men and women. This was Hollywood movie for only adult. Another Blue Movie (1998) (V) was on the same theme of Blue 1969. Blue Movie (1998) (V) was based on a young report who had gotten the assignment of covering an adult video-shoot. Blue movie 2009 is very different from Blue 1969 and (1998) (V). Blue Hindi movie 2009 is based on underwater action for a treasury.

Blue is an action movie which has been formalized underwater same as 8x10 Tasveer movie. There is Akshay Kumar who is known as the action king. He is currently famous from his movie, Singh is King. He has done many scenes underwater without protection as per his statement on the winner occasion of Khatron Ke Khiladi 2 on COLORS. He revealed his action of Blue 2009 film during the promo of the movie. There were Sanjay Dutt and Zayed Khan also to promote their new Hindi film, Blue 2009.

In the content of Blue 2009 movie, there is underwater action but Zayed has done some bike stunt also that will really attract audiences. I think audiences will like Zayed Khan also for bike stunt after John Abraham. He has done much adventurous bike action than Dhoom.

Sanjay Dutt is also in very dashing role in Blue movie 2009. Blue 2009 will be his second action movie after Luck 2009 movie. He has also given some stunt underwater just like Akshay Kumar. Sanjay Dutt has also great expectation with the movie just like his next movie – All The Best because he is doing his best for the movie promo.

Akshay Kumar has great expectation with Blue Hindi movie because his mega movies – Chandni Chowk to China movie and Kambakht Ishq movie were failure.

Blue is the name of colour. The name of movie comes from ocean colour. Ocean colour is blue and the movie is based on ocean so, the movie name is Blue. Blue movie reveals the secret of Blue (ocean).

Blue movie story tells about a secret of 250 ft deep Blue. A myth of treasure attracts treasure hunters. Till now, no one has returned from the deadly depths of the Pacific Oceans. For not only treasure inaccessible; the ocean is guarded by deadly Sharks. Aarav, Sagar and Sam dives deep into these depths to hunt for the treasure.

There is different approaches from three – For Aarav who is wealthy, it is only about the getting more money and more risk. Sagar is very honest. So, for him; it is only about saving her girlfriend – Mona and his brother. Sam is dare devil. So, for him; it is only a matter of life and death. Emotion is very high and motive is very deep of all three.

They dive into deep water of Blue about 250 ft. Initially, they fight with sharks and many more animals of water. Finally, greed and betrayal takes place among them. The fight for treasury is continue under deep water of ocean.

Blue 2009 is also a mega movie which introduces many superstars of Bollywood. Blue Hindi movie introduces Akshay Kumar as Aarav Malhotra, Sanjay Dutt as Sagar, Lara Dutta as Mona, Zayed Khan as Sam, Katrina Kaif as Nikki and Rahul Dev in main casts.

Blue movie has been directed by Anthony D'Souza. American writers Joshua Lurie and Bryan M. Sullivan have written the movie story. Producer of the movie is Dhilin Mehta. Distributor of Blue Hindi movie is Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd. Kylie Minogue has given special appearance in the movie for “Chiggy Wiggy” song. A.R. Rahman is music director of the movie who has shown his effort in “Chiggy Wiggy” music. Mayur Puri has given the dialogues for the movie.

Adventure and Action has been shown by the trailer of Blue movie. Stunts of the movie are also very interesting. We just wait for the Blue Hindi movie in theater on 16th October, 2009.

London Dreams Movie Review – London Dreams 2009 Hindi Movie Based on Music Theme

Friday, October 2, 2009

London Dreams Movie 2009
London Dreams movie is a story of dreams of London. It is the biggest movie of Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan together after the most successful movie, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. London Dreams movie has been directed by Vipul Shah who already has worked with the most famous movies, Namastey London and Singh Is Kinng. Vipul Shah always tries to give some national pride in his movie just like Puneet Sira.

London Dreams movie revolves around the character of Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan. Salman Khan sacrifices his life to fulfill Ajay Devgan dreams of London. Ajay Devgan is a professional musician who has dream of London. Ajay Devgan has acted as Arjun in London Dreams movie. He wants to fulfill his grandfather’s dreams of London. His grandfather dream was to get a stage of music in London. Arjun is very ambitious towards his life and career.

Salman Khan has acted as Mannu in the London Dreams movie that has little interest in his music tutor father's instruments. He enjoys his life with good things. He thinks that music is the strength in their friendship.

Arjun and Mannu is a very good friend. Arjun takes a risk with his life and runs way to London to his uncle. He roams on the street of London until taking a shelter in a music shop. London Dreams movie has shown the passion of Arjun to achieve the stage of music in London.

Arjun establishes a band in London with the help of Zoheb and Wasim. Zoheb and Wasim was also brother who had duped in Pakistan to travel to London. Priya (Asin Thottumkal) becomes a dancer of Arjun’s band in London.

On the other hand, Mannu plays music in weddings in his village to survive his life. Soon, Arjun come back to village and take away Mannu to London. But he soon realizes that Mannu is the biggest threat and obstacle to his own ambitions.

Mannu had gotten an inherent musical gift in his life and irreverent style of performing music. These style makes him instant darling of the crowds. This name and fame has not been taken by Arjun in many years but he achieves overnight.

Arjun’s jealous has gotten stronger place when Mannu wins his secret love, Priya. Now, Arjun has planned to destroy his best friend. On the tour of Paris, Rome and Amsterdam, Arjun sends many worse things to Mannu to destroy him. Mannu’s sprit and life almost breaks now. Arjun hopes to have glory of the moment among 25,000 crowds. In the end of the London Dreams movie, Arjun takes a lesion of the true meaning of acceptance in life.

London Dreams movie has introduced a big drama in musical life. It is the biggest musical movie of Bollywood. The movie is based on movie theme. The movie reveals the meaning of life. It is a philosophical movie towards life. Ajay Devgan is in same role of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam movie and Salman is also on the same character.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy has tried to put some different music in each song of London Dreams. Lyric of London Dreams are also very different in each songs. Headstarts Film UK Ltd. has produced the movie. Sejal Shah is the cinematographer of London Dreams.

London Dreams is based on city name just like – New York, Namastey London, Delhi-6, Mumbai Meri Jaan etc. In the recent days, there is a trend in Bollywood to choose a movie name on the most famous city name. People have craze to know more deeply about the city. Director also fulfills their dreams. Vipul Shah also has tried to show London very closely by London Dreams. We have to wait London Dreams till 30th October, 2009. London Dreams will be the biggest movie after All the Best movie for Ajay Devgan.

All The Best Movie Review - All The Best Hindi Movie Releases

All The Best Movie 2009
In the direction of Rohit Shetty, “All the Best” movie is bringing a great fun and entertainment just like Golmaal and Return of Golmaal movies. Ajay Devgan has taken the production of “All the Best” 2009 movie to give a new look as mega movie. Yes, “All the Best” Hindi movie is known as mega movie of Bollywood.

“All The Best” movie introduces many superstars such as - Ajay Devgan, Bipasha Basu, Fardeen Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Mugdha Godse, Asrani, Mukesh Tiwari, Johnny Lever, Ashwini Khalsekar etc. in the main cast. Music director, Pritam has also tried to give some energetic songs and lyric in the movie.

Jai Singh Nijjar has directed the best action for “All The Best” movie just like its previous version – Golmaal and Golmaal Return. All the action of the movie is very funny but seems like adventurous action.

Rakesh Ranjan has proved his talent of choreography in “All the Best” 2009 movie. He has arranged big sets and large number of people in each scene of songs and actions. On the set of “All the Best” song, you can watch a tremendous gathering of people.

Story of “All the Best” movie revolves around the Veer and Prem. Veer is a singer and greedy man. He gets extra money for his pocket uses from his step-brother Dharam. Dharam is a business-honcho from London. Veer wants to spend his life with Vidya as a single status. Prem is a concept car expert who helps, Veer in taking money from falsely embossed projection. Prem is married to Jhanvi. She takes care ancestors out-dated Chopra Gymnasium.

“All The Best” movie revolves around these character’s lies. Veer and Prem want to earn money in easiest way. They have opted the way of short-cut to earn money. Once day, suddenly Dharam visits on their place. Jhanvi is mistaken as Vidya and Vidya as Jhanvi due to insufficiency of time. They don’t be able to create circumstances according to them. Now, they start a juggling between prolonging the debt payment to a local don, Tobu. The outcome result is a rib-tickling comic situation. They face lies in this hilarious comedy of errors and situation.

Sunjay Dutt and Fardeen Khan have been introduced as new face in “All The Best” in new version of Golmaal. Combination of Tushar Kapoor and Sharman Joshi was perfect with Ajay Devgan in Golmaal for a natural fun and entertainment.

Fardeen Khan has already proved his comedy character in many Bollywood movies so, I think he will be perfect in “All the Best” movie also. On the other hand, Sanjay Dutt has also been found very suitable in any situation and character so, the movie will introduce him as a fun creator also.

Ajay Devgan will reveal the mystery of movie production from “All The Best” movie. He performs as a natural character in fun movies. He has already proved his talent from his previous movies.

“All The Best” Hindi movie is based on the same theme of Golmaal movie. Veer and Prem go into a lie fun and introduce more and more lie fun. In the end of the movie, they have no way to come out from their own lie. So, “All The Best” says “All The Best!” to Veer and Prem for their act. There is funny but adventurous actions also that will surly attract the audiences. The movie touches every aspect of human being life such as – life, attitude, fun and relations. “All The Best” movie 2009 releases on 16th October, 2009 on the occasion of Diwali in India.

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