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Kites Movie – Kites Movie Review – Kites Introduces a Love Story beyond Boundaries and Journey of an Unexpected Betrayal

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kites 2010 Movie
Kites movie is the much waited new Hindi film of Bollywood which releases on 21st May, 2010. Kites movie starts with Hrithik Roshan, Barbara Mori and Kangana Ranaut. Kites film introduces a fabulous romantic love story beyond barriers, boundaries and cultures. The film is a thrilling journey of an unexpected betrayal and passionate relationship.

“Kites” is filmed by Rakesh Roshan. It is directed by Anurag Basu. Music of the movie is composed by Rajesh Roshan. The movie is co-produced by Sunaina Roshan. Cinematographer of Kites film is Ayananka Bose. The movie is distributed by Reliance BIG Pictures.

Before proceeding for Kites movie review, we should give a light on the leading characters of the film.

Hrithik Roshan:

J aka Jay is an orphaned from his childhood. He is known for his intelligence and charming good looks. He loves the good life. J is a salsa teacher. He makes one wrong move in his life – he falls in love.

Barbara Mori:

Natasha is a beautiful, illegal immigrant in constant fear of discovery and deportation. She is desperate to make her fortune in the USA. She discovers love and throws caution to the winds. “Kites” is Barbara’s first international film with Indian collaboration.

Kabir Bedi:

BOB is a powerful and wealthy casino owner. His one phone call from him is enough to get the entire police force of the state on the road.

Kangana Ranaut:

Gina is a spoilt, little, rich girl, used to getting what she wants and what she wants now is her salsa teacher J – as her husband.

Nick Brown:

Tony is rich and ruthless brother of Gina. He is the son of casino owner in Las Vegas. He is obsessed with power and the beautiful Natasha in Kites 2010 movie.

Kites review takes a new shape in our mind when official website, www.kites-thefilm.com reveals the synopsis, “In the harsh terrain of the Mexican desert, a mortally wounded man is left for dead in the heat of the desert sun. This is J, once a street smart, carefree young guy. Now, a wanted man. The only thing that keeps him alive is the quest to find the love of his life, Natasha. A woman engaged to another man, but surely destined for J. A woman who comes into his life like a bolt of lightning and changes it forever. Kites is a story of love that goes beyond barriers, boundaries and cultures. It is a story of passion that defies every rule, of a relationship that takes two lovers on a thrilling journey filled with precious moments – and unexpected betrayal.”

Synopsis of Kites 2010 film is enough to attract the audiences. The film is based on the romantic love story. It begins with a street smart and carefree young guy. He is a dance teacher. Unfortunately, he falls in love. It was the biggest adventure of his life because the woman was supposed to marry to another man - Tony. He was the son of powerful casino owner.

Now, J is left for dead in the desert sun. He is a wanted man. But the woman is destined for J.

Kites review reveals a thrilling journey of relationship with precious moments. It introduces a romantic love story that goes beyond barriers, boundaries and cultures.

Rakesh Roshan writes in the producer notes about the Kites movie, “…My sights were set on “Kites,” an intense love story – simple yet treacherous, sweet yet bitter, romantic yet dangerous, honest yet about dishonesty. “Kites” allowed me the opportunity to set out into new territory, scale new heights, soar across borders and reach out to Global audiences.”

Further he tells about the budget of the film, “…This film was mounted on a multi-million dollor budget, to be shot extensively in Las Vegas, Santa Fe, New Mexico – amongst other locations.”

He writes about the essence of Kites movie, “…Love is the most exquisite and universal of emotions, but often simple stories are the most difficult to tell. Together with Anurag and Hrithik, we tried to nature the film – as we were all convinced that it had a universal appeal and could capture the hearts of audiences everywhere. Love has no language, knows no boundaries, sets you free and often – the sky is the limit!”

Finally, he reveals the reason behind the name of the film, “…I made “Kites” with the utmost conviction and trust it will find a place in people’s hearts. Hopefully, after audiences see the film and look up in the sky and see a Kite, the first thing that will come to their mind is…true love.”

The note was published on the official website of Kites 2010 movie. Name of the movie is based on the true love. Kite is the mirror of high fly in the open sky just like true love.

“Kites” is a $30 million dollar movie. It is released on 2300 screens worldwide. It creates the biggest record for any Indian film. It is a romance oriented movie which introduces thriller and action also. Kites movie is released in English and Hindi versions both.

English version of the film is released as “Kites: The Remix” which is edited by Brett Ratner. The English version of Kites movie releases on 28th May, 2010 with 90 minutes run time. However, Hindi version of Kites film releases on 21st May, 2010 worldwide with 130 minutes run time.

Kites 2010 is the big budgeted blockbuster movie in Indian cinemas. There is major release for the next two weeks after its release. The best part of the movie is the chemistry between Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori. Both have different culture, languages and lifestyle. Despite it, they fall in love.

Hrithik Roshan is again back in Bollywood with the biggest blockbuster movie – Kites after the biggest success of Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai, Koi... Mil Gaya, Krrish, Dhoom 2 and Jodhaa Akbar. Now, he is the biggest name in the Indian film industry. His new movie – “Kites” is compared with My Name Is Khan and 3 Idiots. Now, Hrithik Roshan is in the category of the biggest superstars – SRK, Akshay and Salman.

On the other hand, Uruguayan-Japanese and Mexican heritage, Barbara Mori started her career at 18 with Television Shows. “Kites” is her first international film.

Kangna Ranaut has a very short role in Kites movie. She has not gotten an effective role again in this movie.

Kites movie has introduced the biggest love triangle thriller story between the two hot women and Hrithik.

Hrithik plays the character of a salsa teacher in this movie. Kangana plays the character of a very rich girl. She lives in Las Vegas and learns salsa from Hrithik.

Barbara Mori plays the character of a Spanish speaking girl. She will be seen in the first half of the film. Hrithik can’t speak a word of Spanish. He speaks to her in Hindi and yet the two communicate and fall madly in love.

Kites movie has already gotten the biggest popularity with the Hollywood actress – Barbara. The movie has some bold scenes also just like Hollywood movies. The love story of the film is very similar to Kites. It is based on the flying Kites in the air which create the most romantic scenes when they embrace one another and they kiss one another. What happens if one of the kites gets cut?

Kites movie reveals the survival of a man also for true love. J beats down in the desert sun. He fights for his life in the burning desert for Natasha. It is a much more movie than a tale of love. Betrayal and violence join hands in the movie to take it beyond a romance. Finally, the movie goes on the tracks of a thriller.

Kites movie is very different from other Bollywood movies. Theme of the movie is poetic. Locations, sets, languages and life style of the movie are located to the European country. Action and dance of the film is also very new for Indian audiences. Hip-hop and salsa style dancing of the film will surly attract the eyes of Indian audiences.

Soundtracks and music of Kites movie have already created the biggest achievement. Now, audiences are waiting for the film eagerly. Kites film leads the motive and requirement of youth and new generations.

In the conclusion of Kites movie review, we can say that it is a perfect combination of action, romance, thriller and adventure.

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