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Thanks Maa Movie – Thanks Maa Movie Review – Thanks Maa is a Tale of Infant Orphans

Friday, March 5, 2010

Thanks Maa Movie
Thanks Maa is a new Hindi movie of Bollywood which released today on 5th March, 2010. Thanks Maa movie is a tale about those children who are left to their fate. Thanks Maa is a tale of infant orphans who are dropped off in the street.

Muncipality Ghatkopar, Soda, Cutting, Sursuri, Dhed-Shaana and Krish are the leading character of Thanks Maa Hindi film. The movie is directed by Irfan Kamal. Story of the movie is written by Irfan Kamal and Vishal Vijay Kumar. Ajayan Vincent is the cinematographer of Thanks Maa film. The movie is produced by Quantum Films Ltd.

Synopsis of Thanks MAA Film:

Official website of Thanks Maa Hindi movie, www.thanksmaa.com writes about the synopsis of the film, “A 12 year old street kid named Municipality, while on the run from the reformatory, finds & saves a two day old abandoned baby from becoming the prey to a ferocious street dog. Failing to find any takers among the people whom he deemed responsible and respectable, Municipality takes up the onus of finding the mother of that abandoned baby himself.

Here onwards ensues his struggle in the urban jungle of Mumbai with just four of his friends from the street, Soda (15), Sursuri (10), Cutting (8) and Dhed-Shaana (6) on his side and apparently the whole world against him. Municipality’s rock steady determination ultimately helps him emerge a winner against all odds as he reaches that baby’s mother but in bargain he loses his most precious possession… the flawless & good-like image of a mother he used to see in his dreams and probably the hope that he’ll ever find his own mother come searching for him at the Municipality Hospital where he was found abandoned 12 years ago.”

Overall, Thanks Maa movie revolves around those guys who are abandoned by their parents from their birth. The movie shows the biggest problem of our society. Thanks Maa has taken a social issue of our society which is really very contemporary.

Thanks Maa movie covers 12.66 million true stories of infant orphans. According to the director notes, “It’s true that almost 270 newborns are abandoned every day in various hospitals of India. It is also true that there is no pattern to this shameful phenomenon. These newborns are not necessarily Black or White, Rich or Poor and not necessarily only Girls or Boys. They are just small little Souls that some consider Unwanted. What I have tried to achieve in this film and I really hope I achieve – is to find them a home – A Mother – An Environment which cares for their existence.

Life is beautiful gift. Least we can do is to leave it in a better place than a garbage can. This film is a tribute to all those mothers who took us in their arms and gave us Hope – called Life. A tribute to my mother Shamim, who made me who I am, a lady who made me realize a mother’s worth. This is to all those mothers life mine. Thanks MAA”

There is no doubt that intension of the movie is very valuable for us and our society. Director of the movie has tried to search a Mother for those infant who are abandoned by birth. Director of Thanks Maa has tried to search a good environment for those children who are homeless. Finally, he thanks his mother who makes him capable to realize a mother’s worth.

Thanks Maa movie revolves around the dream city – Mumbai’s slum and covers illiterate street kids. After the biggest success of Slumdog Millionaire and Salaam Bombay, Irfan Kamal has tried to give his own views to the Slum’s kids.

Thanks Maa movie releases on 5th March, 2010 in Indian theaters on the same date of Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge movie, Road movie 2010 and Hello Zindagi movie. Thanks Maa is a very realistic movie which focuses on the evil of our society.

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