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Daayen Ya Baayen Movie Review – Daayen Ya Baayen Movie Introduces A Comedy of Mismatched Circumstances

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Daayen Ya Baayen Movie
Daayen Ya Baayen is a new comedy movie of Bollywood releasing 29th October, 2010. Daayen Ya Baayen movie is based on a comedy of mismatched circumstances.

Deepak Dobriyal as Ramesh Majila and Manav Kaul as Sundar are leading casts of Daayen Ya Baayen Hindi film. The movie is written and directed by Bela Negi. Sunil Doshi is producer of the film. Vivek Philip is music director of Daayen Ya Baayen 2010 film.

Official group of Daayen Ya Baayen on Face Book writes about the synopsis of the film, “In a comedy of mismatched circumstances, Ramesh Majila returns from the city to his small remote village in the Himalayas. Armed with irrepressible enthusiasm he hopes to be the breath of fresh air the village has been waiting for. But instead his quirky traits and a penchant for catalyzing disaster make him the joke of the village.

In a dramatic turn of events a chance entry into a television contest wins him a swank luxury car elevating Ramesh to heroic status overnight. Adored by children and grudgingly admired by others he becomes the focal point of the village.

However his life spirals into a series of comic conflicts as he struggles to match the rest of life to the car that adorns his cowshed, undoing himself completely in the process and losing the respect of his most ardent fan, his young son. When the car is stolen, he sets out on a journey to recover something more than his prized possession – his lost dignity.”

So, Daayen Ya Baayen movie revolves around a simple story which follows the hilarious situations and humor aspects of life. It is based on a comedy of mismatched circumstances. You will watch the innocence of a small village in this film.

Daayen Ya Baayen is a Hindi word of English “Right or Left”. Story of the film is also very confusing like its name. Picturesque view of a remote village is the best aspect of Daayen Ya Baayen movie. The film releases in Indian theaters on the same date of Maalik Ek and Nakshatra movie.

Maalik Ek Movie Review – Malik Ek 2010 Movie is based on Shri Sai Baba

Malik Ek 2010 Movie
Maalik Ek is a new feature film which releases on 29th October, 2010 in Indian cinemas. Malik Ek 2010 movie is based on the great fakir and saint - Shri Sai Baba.

Jackie Shroff is seen as Shridi Sai Baba in this film. Kishori Shahane Vij is producer of Maalik Ek movie.

Official website of Maalik Ek 2010 movie - www.maalikek.com, writes about the film synopsis, “…The film takes you to the era, during which the great fakir Shri Sai Baba was refused entry into various communities and villages surrounding Shridi. These simple villagers were of the opinion that Sai Baba was a thug and thus out of Sheer ignorance would chase away the great fakir until Shri Sai Baba finally settled down in Shridi. Mahalsapati, a Sai bhakt, who later became a close confident of Baba addressed Babaas “Sai” by saying the words “aao Sai”, when Baba first come to Shridi. This episode bestowed upon the great fakir, the title of “Sai”. Shri Sai Baba first come to Shirdi. This episode bestowed upon the great fakir, the title of “Sai”. Shri Sai Baba continued to stay in Shridi until his final Samadhi. This masjid later come to be known as “Dwarkamai”.

Shri Sai Baba always said “I have to mothers. One is “Dharti maa” and the other is Dwarkamai. “Jiski guod mei soota hu”. In Shirdi, after Baba;s darshan, devotees never miss to visit Dwarkamai, which remained Baba’s residence for 60 years and is considered as the most blessed and holy structure.

Days before Shri Sai Baba took Samadhi, he gave his close devotee laxmi, a young girl, who use to often come to Dwarkamai, 9 coins which depicts the pating 9 aspects of life. The film shows Dwarkamai taking a human from of Sutradhar, narrating Sai Baba’s life to Laxmi. The film narrates events, characters, scripts and locals, never seen before on the screen.

Shri Sai Baba’s preaching strongly talk about Humanity, Brotherhood, Complete family life, respect for all religions and the great true saying that “God is one”. Sai Baba’s preaching were opposed by a many like doctor (vaid) Kularni, of Shridi, who use to fleece the villagers by charging exorbitant fees.

He once instigated the local villagers and shopkeepers to refrain from giving Sai Baba oil for lighting the diwali diyas. Since Baba could not procure oil, he poured water in the diyas. It was a miracle to see the diyas bright light throughout the night! On another event, Kulkarni lodged a complaint with the British officers complaining about Sai Baba using his devotees’ wealth for his personal luxury and comforts.

Upon investigation, the British officers found that the entire donations received by Baba were given amongst the poor and needy right away. Shri Sai Baba deployed the donations received by him for opening schools, medical clincs, organizing sports and dramatic events. Sai Baba also had a great passion for poems and was found of dancing with ghunghroos on his feet.

“Maalik Ek” shows the arrogant Sipahi dasganu who was fond of writing lavanis (traditional marathi folk music) used by dancers with provocative lyrics.

Sai Baba inspired Dasganu to write poems which would benefit the society at large. Shri Sai Baba’s grace changed Dasganu’s thinking, who later started writing songs based ont eh preaching of Sai Baba. It is said that Dasganu traveled from village to village, spreading the massage of Baba through his songs.

Shri Shridi Sai Baba had great respect and knowledge on Geeta, Kuran, Bible and other various holy scriptures and religious works. During his discourses he use to recite the various versus of the holy books and at times also gave their page numbers.

In the movie, he openly spoke against Zamidars who exploited farmers which is the climax of the film conveying the message that suicide is not the means of life, at the same time, seeing that the farmers are not exploited by Zamindars showing positive rays of hope to the farmers. The movie has some spell bounding sequences between children and Saibaba.

He use to love children and children loved him. Shri Sai Baba always helped down trodden people to rise and face the world boldly. He started the festival of Urus on the auspicious day of Rama Navmi.

This festival is, till date celebrated every year by Muslims and Hindus. The movie shows Shri Shridi Sai Baba’s spopularity which has now spread all over the world. There are oppositions but Sai Baba is always a winner.

In the movie he never says, “I am God”. We have portrayed him, as a simple human being, an able administrator, a father figure, most importantly ‘A Messenger of God’.

Sai Baba is an idol of millions of people around the world and he is worshipped by everyone irrespective of any religion, cast or creed. Thus he is rightly called “Maalik Ek”.

Maalik Ek is a devotional film which talks about Shri Sai Baba. The film sketches almost all part of Sai Baba’s life and his character. Research team of the film has tried to introduce almost all characters in this film which were associated with Sai Baba’s life.

Maalik Ek talks about a religion which follows the humanity. Humanity is beyond the devotion and religion in this movie. You can watch Maalik Ek film in theaters on 29th October, 2010 on the same date of Nakshatra movie.

Nakshatra Movie Review – Mythological Romance Introduced in 27_13.20 Nakshatra 2010 Movie

27_13.20 Nakshatra 2010 Movie
27_13.20 Nakshatra is a new Hindi movie of Bollywood written and directed by Mohan Savalkar. Nakshatra movie releases on 29th October, 2010 in Indian theaters.

Subh Mukharjee as Ajay, Sabina Sheema as Jiya, Milind Soman as Gupte and Anupam Kher as Sharad are leading casts of Nakshatra Hindi film. Ravindra Singh is producer of the film.

Nakshatra 2010 film follows the concept of Hindu mythology. It revolves around the story of Moon. Official website of Nakshatra Hindi movie - www.nakshatramovie.com, writes about the film synopsis, “When an opportunity to write a script for a movie comes to Ajay, an aspiring script writer, he is thrilled, more by the thought of finally being able to prove himself to Jiya, the girl he loves, than the knowledge that this could very well be the beginning of a bright future in the world of celluloid.

A robbery being the main theme of the plot, Ajay works hard at getting the script right. Jiya is elated when Ajay’s script is accepted and they get engaged. Things take a turn for the worse when Ajay is arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. Sharad, his friend who had helped him several times in the past, promises to bail him out as soon as possible.

Jiya, who has been helping Ajay clear his name, makes a surprising discovery. The fact that she now knows the identity of the killer and the mastermind behind the plot does little to ease her mind.

27_13.20 Nakshatra is a romantic thriller that deals with the complexities of life. It is a story that portrays different shades of colors that paint a bond of love between two completely different people. It is a story about a dreamer, whose dream is mislead by destiny, as it charges ahead to prove itself. It is a story about a dreamer who then chases, the law of love, truth, justice and destiny.”

The website talks about the mythology also, “According to Hindu mythology, Moon had married all the 27 daughters of king Dakshan, who are the star constellations (27 Nakshatras) in the sky. But he loved to spend time with only his beloved queen Rohini. Other wives complained the matter to their father. Inspite of king Dakshan`s repeated interference, Moon did not rectify his habit. Dakshan finally lost his mind and cursed moon, causing it to wane in size. Moon started diminishing in size, and feeling the ill consequences of it, all the gods intervened and requested the king to revoke the curse. King then assured that only if Moon visits all his wives, he would regain his strength for half a month, constantly waxing and waning in size. That is the reason why Moon visits the entire 27 constellations and spend approximately one day in each constellation... each constellation is divided equally @ 13.20 ... this is how we arrived at the figure....27_13.20. However, any connection to mythology, astrology ends here ...this film is an action thriller.”

27_13.20 Nakshatra is an action thriller Hindi movie with a murder mystery. Milind Soman is seen as a cop. Story of Nakshatra movie revolves around a priceless diamond necklace. It is stolen despite high security. Milind Soman tries to find out the suspect.

Nakshatra movie has a bit of romance with a bit of action. Thriller aspect of the film leaves you restless. So, if you want to enjoy some thrilling action, you can go in theaters on 29th October, 2010 for Nakshatra film. It is another mythological film after Hisss movie.

Hisss Movie Review – Mallika Sherawat Returned as Snake Woman in Hissss 2010 Movie

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hissss 2010 Movie
This time, Mallika Sherawat will be seen in a very new avatar in Hissss 2010 movie. The movie releases on 22nd October, 2010 in Indian theaters on the same date of Rakta Charitra and Jhootha Hi Sahi. Mallika Sherawat appears as a snake woman (Naagin) in Hisss movie.

Hisss movie is not based on a very new concept because there are already many movies in Bollywood based on snake woman (Naagin) such as Nagin 1976 movie, Nagina 1986 etc. Despite it, Hisss film is introduced in such a very different manner. You can say that Hiss 2010 film is the remix version of older Naagin movies. There are many scenes of kisses. The Nagin is very violent and faster than older.

Mallika Sherawat, Irrfan Khan, Jeff Doucette and Divya Dutta are leading casts of Hisss 2010 film. It releases in many languages. The film is directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch.

Official website of Hissss movie - hisssthemovie.com, writes about the film synopsis, “The Curse of the Cobra Goddess – anytime man desecrates or violates the Cobra, they are doomed to suffer the petrifying curse of the snake woman, of death and infertility. Only respect and worship can keep the population safe and the women fertile.

Over 4000 years ago the inhabitants of the Indus Valley sculpted the image of the shape shifting snake. These half cobras, half human creatures were said to inhabit an awesome, mysterious temple, made of material unknown to mankind, deep within the jungles, far, far away in the legendary spice forests of the Malabar Coasts. Children grew up hearing about the story recounted to their grandfathers, by their forefathers about an ancestor, who had journeyed to the edge of the world, and came back to recount a frightening story about the Snake Goddess and her mate…and from here the legend traveled across India, and the far east along the silk route-passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years until this day.

An American man, named George, packing high tech gear, and evil intentions, makes the arduous journey into the heart of the forbidden forest. He captures a male cobra the size of a large python when he’s at his weakest, while mating. Little does he realize when they embark on testing this mysterious creature in their high-tech lab, what horror and destruction awaits him…”

So, Hisss movie has just a simple story but the film cinematographer has made it with a very new approach. Malikka also accepts that Hissss is one of the best films acted by her.

Rakta Charitra Movie Review – Blood and Violence Introduced with Political Propaganda in Rakta Charitra 2010 Movie

Rakta Charitra 2010 Movie
Once again, Ram Gopal Verma is back with his new creation - Rakta Charitra after Rann and Phoonk 2. The movie leads the quotation of Mahabharata – ‘revenge is the purest emotion’ like Rajneeti movie. Rakta Charitra movie compares the Mahabharata Katha with the politics of new era.

Vivek Oberoi as Pratap Ravi, Suriya as Surya, Shatrughan Sinha as Shivaji, Abhimanyu Singh as Bukka Reddy, Priyamani as Bhawani and Radhika Apte as Nandini are leading casts of Rakta Charitra film.

Rakta Charitra 2010 film is produced by Cinergy Pictures. It is directed by Ram Gopal Verma and written by Prashant Pandey. The film is presented by Vistaar Religare and Cloud Nine Movies.

Official website of Rakta Charitra 2010 movie - www.rakhtcharitra.com, writes about the film synopsis, “This story is inspired from the life of Paritala Ravi from South India, who was assassinated in January, 2005.”

“…Paritala Ravi was arguably the most feared individual ever in the history of the blood-ridden faction politics of South India. He was a prime accused in innumerable murder cases and also survived numerous assassination attempts, the most brutal of which happened on a quiet Friday afternoon in November 1997 when a road near Rama Naidu Studio in Hyderabad was turned into a death field by a bomb which killed 26 people but failed to get its intended target Ravi.”

Rakta Charitra reveals the basic things of political propaganda in India. The film introduces blood and violence like Aakrosh and Ravaan. Rakta Charitra is considered as one of the best film of Vivek Oberoi as well as Ram Gopal Verma also.

Rakta Charitra movie releases in 3 languages and 2 parts on 22nd October, 2010 in Indian cinemas. It is Rakta Charitra 2010 part 1 of this series. Story of the film is based on the life of a real person who was involved in politics.

Rakta Charitra movie review tells about the film real essence in the 21st century. It justifies the politics of new era and humanity in a very new sense.

Jhootha Hi Sahi Movie – Jhootha Hi Sahi Movie Review – John Abraham Introduced in a New Avatar in Jhootha Hi Sahi 2010 Romantic Comedy Movie

Jhootha Hi Sahi 2010 Movie
Jhootha Hi Sahi is a new Hindi movie of Bollywood directed by Abbas Tyrewala. John Abraham and Tyrewala's wife, Pakhi are leading casts of Jhootha Hi Sahi movie. John Abraham has introduced in a new Avatar in Jhootha Hi Sahi 2010 romantic comedy movie.

John Abraham as Sid, Pakhi as Mishka, Raghu Ram as Omar, Manasi Scott as Krutika, Anaitha Nair as Sushi, Omar Khan as Amit, Alishka Varde as Aliya, George Young as Nick and Prahsant Chawla as Uday are leading casts of Jhootha Hi Sahi 2010 movie.

Music of Jhootha Hi Sahi 2010 film is composed by A. R. Rahman. It is presented by Sa Re Ga Ma. Jhootha Hi Sahi movie releases on 22nd October, 2010 in Indian cinemas.

Official website of Jhootha Hi Sahi Hindi movie - www.jhoothahisahi.com, writes about the film synopsis, “What would you do if you had a hotline? A secret hotline to the heart of the girl you love. If you could read her deepest thoughts. Know her every emotion. Manipulate her every choice. And all you had to do was lie a little.

Well, not that little. The kind of lie that, if she knew, would break her heart.

What would you do? Would you give up your secret? Would you hang up the hotline? Or would you lie? Lie for love.

When Siddharth wakes up one night to a call from a desperate man treating to jump out the window, he isn’t prepared for what lies ahead. A mixed-up phone number. A desi suicide helpline in London. And various callers demanding that poor old Sid give them a reason to live. Or else…

Until one fateful night, Mishka calls. And they both discover an unlikely bond.

Sid becomes her nameless friend. Her facele3ss philosopher. And she becomes his reason to rethink his life.

Along the way, he also tells a few silly lies. Lies about his exciting adventures and daring escapades; the mountains he had climbed and the sharks he has tamed. Until the day they accidentally meet. And Sid falls in love.

Hell, already a little unhinged, breaks altogether loose. How can he tell her the truth? That he is just a simple bookseller. With four friends, a small apartment, and a girlfriend whom no one likes, and doesn’t love.

That he has never even climbed up the Tower of London, leave aside Mount Everest. What follows is great fun and excitement, especially if you’re watching from the outside.

This is a story about lies and laughter. Fun and friendship. The journey to self-discovery. But above all, it is the journey of love. True love.

Jhootha Hi Sahi!”

Sid is in the quest of true love in this film. So, the film revolves around a small group of a family, fun and journey to self-discovery. You will watch a great love story in Jhootha Hi Sahi Hindi film which is based on lies and laughter.

Jhootha Hi Sahi is a romantic comedy film which touches the feeling and needs of younger generation.

John Abraham appears in a very new avatar in Jhootha Hi Sahi movie with the most popular face of MTV – Raghu Ram. Jhootha Hi Sahi is a good movie this week like Aakrosh which was released last week.

Ramayana The Epic Animation Movie – Ramayana The Epic Movie Review – Ramayana Epic Introduced in Animation Format in Ramayana The Epic 2010 Movie

Friday, October 15, 2010

Ramayana The Epic 2010 Movie
Ramayana The Epic is a new computer animation movie directed by Chetan Desai. Ram, Sita, Rawan, Hanuman and Lakshman are leading computer animated casts of Ramayana The Epic movie. The film is based on the most popular epic – Ramayana. It releases on 15th October, 2010 in Indian cinemas.

Official website of Ramayana: The Epic movie - ramayanatheepic.com, writes about the film synopsis, “Long... long... ago... in ancient India...

Rama, the prince of Ayodhya, is the eldest son of the mighty king Dasharath, dark and handsome, a great warrior and epitome of all virtues, he is loved by all.

At a "Swayamvar" or the contest to select the most heroic groom for 'Sita', the beautiful princess of Mithila, Rama breaks the indestructible bow of Lord Shiva and wins the hand of Sita. King Dashrath, happy and contented, plans to crown Rama as his heir and retire. But his third wife, the young Kaikei has other plans. She claims the two boons Dashrath had granted to her long ago, when she had saved his life. First she demands that her own son Bharat be crowned as the king instead of Rama and second that Rama be exiled from the kingdom for fourteen years. Dashrath is devastated.

Prince Rama however decides to honour his father's promise and go into wilderness leaving behind his throne and the kingdom. His loving wife Sita and the devoted younger brother Laxman decide to accompany Rama into the exile.

Bharat however refuses to be a part of his mother's conspiracy. He tries to persuade Rama to return but Rama is steadfast in his resolve. Bharat proclaims that Rama is indeed the king and that he is only the care taker of the throne till Rama's return.

Time passes. Rama, Sita and Laxman settle down in the jungle of Chitrakoot and complete thirteen years of exile.

One day, Surpanakha, the ravishingly beautiful demon princess spots Rama in the jungle and is attracted to him. She proposes to him but Rama, devoted to his wife Sita, spurns her offer. Enraged, Surpnakha tries to hurt Sita and Laxman in retaliation cuts off Surpankha's nose. Surpanakha complains to her brother, the mighty Ravan, the demon king of Rakshasas. Ravan in his anger vows to avenge this insult.

With the help of his magical powers, Ravan creates an enticing illusion of a golden deer. Sita enchanted by the vision asks Rama to get the golden deer for her. As Rama goes after the deer, Ravan disguised as a 'Rishi', a mendicant sage, kidnaps Sita and flies off with her in his flying machine to his Rakshash kingdom of 'Lanka'.

When Rama returns he finds Sita missing.

And so begins his search for Sita. Rama and Laxman travel through the jungles across India following Ravan's trail.

On their way they come across the monkey kingdom of Kishkindha where they meet a band of rebel monkeys led by Sugriv. Sugriv is fighting against the oppressions of the rogue monkey king Vali. Rama agrees to help them. He kills Vali and appoints Sugriv as the monkey king. Sugriv in turn promises to help Rama in his search for Sita. He sends his emissary, the super powerful Hanuman, to help Rama.

Hanuman flies across the ocean in search of Sita and arrives at Ravan's Lanka, the city of gold. He finds Sita imprisoned there. He over hears Ravana asking Sita to marry him but Sita, eternally devoted to Rama, refuses. Hanuman decides to teach Ravan a lesson. He creates havoc in Lanka. He is captured and presented before Ravan. Though a captive, Hanuman advices Ravan to return Sita to Rama and beg for mercy. Ravan, enraged, orders his tail to be set on fire. Hanuman escapes, sets fire to Ravan's Lanka and returns to Rama with news of Sita.

Rama and Laxman march with their army of Vaanars towards Lanka to defeat Ravan and rescue Sita. Crossing dense forests, they arrive at the southern coast where the mighty ocean separates them from Lanka. They construct a floating bridge 'Rama Setu' across the ocean and triumphantly reach Lanka.

And thus begins the epic battle between the forces of good and evil, an amazing demonstration of heroism, and super powers.

Rama the original Indian super hero, defeats Ravan, rescues Sita and returns victorious to the kingdom of Ayodhya.”

The story of Ramayana is already known by almost everyone. But Ramayana The Epic animation movie has tried to introduce the story in a new dimension. There is a very beautiful background. Sound of the film is amazing. Characters of the film are very appreciating. Overall, Ramayana The Epic movie creates a new vision to enjoy in cinemas. Already, Lava Kusa movie has created the great effects in Indian cinemas.

Knock Out Movie – Knock Out Movie Review – Thrilling Action Introduced in Knock Out 2010 Movie

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Knock Out 2010 Movie
Knock Out is a new Hindi movie of Bollywood which releases on 15th October, 2010 in Indian cinemas. This week, Knock Out is a fast-paced thrilling action movie of Sanjay Dutt in the competition of Ajay Devgan and Akshay Khanna’s movie – Aakrosh.

Sanjay Dutt, Irrfan, Kangna Ranaut, Gulshan Grover, Sushant Singh and Appoorva Lakhia are the leading casts of Knock Out Hindi film.

Knock Out 2010 film is written and directed by Mani Shankar. The film is presented by AAP Entertainment Limited.

Official website of Knock Out Hindi movie - knockoutthefilm.com, writes about the film synopsis, “KnockOut is a fast-paced thriller that happens in real time. In just two hours – 11AM to 1PM – an enigmatic vigilante pulls off an incredible, mind-blowing coup and a new chapter of Indian history is written. Sanjay Dutt plays a new age lone ranger who has the latest weapons and gadgets at his fingertips, and is a man who trusts and depends on no one. Working along, he effortlessly uses his wit, his skills at hand-to-hand combat, and his love for stealth technology, to manipulate and trap his elusive target. The target played by Irrfan, is a street-smart investment banker who has made his way to the upper echelons of power. A man who unwittingly holds the key to India’s destiny, Irrfan is a man consumed by his own obsessions, an extremely clever and unstoppable foe. Through a brilliant play of truth and pretense, Sanjay strips Irrfan of his arrogance and attitude, opens his heart and confounds his brain, locking him in a tangle beyond redemption… a tangle which can only be unraveled one way… leading to the biggest ‘counter-heist’ in the history of this nation. Hot on the trail of these two men is a hardnosed television journalist, played by Kangna Ranaut. She will stop at nothing… or so she believes, till she is faced with the ultimate call of conscience. Choosing between another man’s life or herself… Choosing between the country or herself. And each time she rises to the occasion, showing that the new India has its heart in the right place, its soul intact. As the film reaches its action-packed climax, every citizen of this country becomes a witness to the live action that unfolds before television cameras. For a nation that has endured political thieves for six decades, this counter-heist of a massive scale wakes them up in a way nothing has ever done before. The film ends in a huge wave of euphoria. The mysterious vigilante fights and wins an impossible battle, a battle that raged not just in the streets of Mumbai but also in the minds of the whole nation. True to style, he manages to walk off into the celebrating multitudes, his identity forever hidden… maybe to strike another day… and India awakes to a new beginning.”

Knock Out movie is set in a short term of time. The movie writes a new chapter of Indian history. You will watch latest weapons and gadgets also in this film. There is action-packed climax which you really enjoy.

Aakrosh Movie Review – A Story of Honour Killings Introduced in Aakrosh 2010 Movie

Aakrosh 2010 Movie
Aakrosh is a new Hindi movie of Bollywood directed by Priyadarshan. Aakrosh movie releases on 15th October, 2010 in Indian cinemas.

Ajay Devgan as Pratap Kumar, Akshay Khanna as Siddhant Chaturvedi, Bipasa Basu as Geeta, Amita Pathak as Roshni and Paresh Rawal as Ajatshatru Singh are the leading casts of Aakrosh 2010 film.

Kumar Mangat Pathak is producer of Aakrosh Hindi film. The film is directed by Priyadarshan. Music of Aaakrosh film is composed by Pritam. Irshad Kamil is lyricist of the film. Aaakrosh movie is presented by Big Screen Entertainer in association with ZEE Motion Pictures.

Official website of Aakrosh Hindi movie - www.aakroshthefilm.com, writes abut the film synopsis, “Aakrosh is an adaptation from an article of Times of India during the time of 1995, the story is about Honour Killings.

Listen To Your Heart And You Die…

The film revolves around a lower caste guy who had gone along with his 2 friends to a village – Jhanjhar in Bihar, his native place, to watch Ramleela. These 3 students of Delhi University go missing in the dusty village. In the previous 3 months there was no clue where the young students have vanished. Media and students movement all over Bihar takes a pivotal step for getting hint of these students, its then government appoints CBI officers Sidhant Chaturvedi and Pratap Kumar and find out the truth under it. A person residing in Bihar himself and Pratap understands the intricacies of race relations in small towns like Jhanjhar. Pratap tries to use his charm and smartness to crack investigation whereas Sidhant has a very no non-sense, direct approach investigation. It’s simply a clash of personalities and ideologies.

Investigating in Jhanjhar becomes a tough task for these officers as the local police force Headed by Bharu Ram with the help of local MP’s and landlords run a major branch of the Shool Sena. At the same time the two officers cannot break the ice with local Low cast community members, due to years of fear instilled in them by regular and highly planned Shool Sena attacks. Roshini (daughter of the most powerful and richest person of village) acts as a key element to reveal certain realities and give a new direction to the investigation.

Soon the effect of their investigation causes mayhem in Jhanjhar, with riots, burning of houses and killing of peasants in broad daylight. Slowly Pratap with Sidhant’s help starts cracking the case by exerting his influence upon Geeta (a victim to the same inhumanity), who acts as a final key to the investigation. How amongst the animosity created by Shool Sena and the fear of losing more peasants to Pratap and Sidhant solve this mysterious case is explained with a chain of exciting, funny and intelligent events that form the climax of the story.”

Aakrosh movie is set in Bihar like Raajneeti movie. Aakrosh film talks about a real story in Bihar. It is the affair of Honour Killings. You will watch a new dimension of inhuman acts in this movie.

Aakrosh is a sensitive movie which deals the real problem in Bihar. Aakrosh 1980 movie was also based on almost same theme of Aakrosh 2010. Pratap and Sidhant go in Jhanjhar as a special CBI agent to search missing guys. The story takes a new turn with Shool Sena in this region.

Aakrosh movie tries to introduce all gaps in Bihar of class and castes. The movie tries to sketch the complete cultural and educational development also in Bihar from 1947 to 2010. It is a heroic movie of two CBI officers who try to change the current scenario in this region. You can watch the film in theaters on 15th October, 2010. The movie has tried to compare the region with Jordan also where “Honour” Killings are sanctioned by law.

Lava Kusa Animated Movie – Lava Kusa Movie Review – Lava Kusa The Warrior Twins Animated Film Released

Friday, October 8, 2010

Lava Kusa The Warrior Twins Animated Film
Lava Kusa is a new animated movie based on the Ramayana epic. Lava Kusa 2010 movie released on 8th October, 2010 in Indian theaters. Lava Kusa The Warrior Twins movie is directed by Dhavala Satyam. Rayudu V Sashank is creative director and producer of the film. Music of the film has been scored by L Vaidyanathan.

Official website of Lava Kusa movie - www.lava-kusa.com, writes about the film synopsis, “Lava and Kusa were born to mother Sita at Sage Valmiki’s hermitage: they grew up learning the essence of Ramayana and master the art of war by using divine weapons from the guidance of Sage Valmiki. The story goes on with their thrilling childhood experiences blended with action, comedy and enchanting magical powers. The role of gigantic falcon, squirrels, monkeys, rabbits and tortoises delights not only the children but also to all age groups.

On invitation the twins set off the Ayodhya to recite Valmiki Ramayana in front of the King Rama. The story turns gripping as the twins learn that Matha Sita was sent to vanvas by lord Rama. They return from Ayodhya with anger and rage over lord Rama.

Lord Rama performs Aswamedha yagna for the prosperity of his kingdom and sets off a horse (Ashwa), which encounters with Lava Kusa finally. The twins happen to read the declaration of Lord Rama in scripted in a golden plate on the forehead on the horse, arrests the horse considering that this would bring Lord Rama in front of them so that they can question him regarding the ill treatment given to Mata Sita and to debate on Lord Rama’s most acclaimed principle of Dharma.

They arrest the Aswamedha horse thus inviting the mighty Ayodhya Empire to a war against them. The story gets in to a fast paced array of battles packed with scintillating/thrilling action sequences blended with spell bounded visual effects. Lava Kusa defeats the two brothers of Lord Rama, Satrugna and Lakshmana thus bringing Lord Rama against them face to face in the battle field. Debate concludes with the start of ward leading to both of them inevitably about to use the most dreaded weapons against each other. Hearing this Sita and Sage Valmiki enters the battle field and reveals the truth to Lord Rama that these twins Lava and Kusa are his own sons.

Lord Rama affectionately accepts these twins and praises their courage, request Sita to return to Ayodhya. Sita refuses and receds to the lap of her mother Bhoomatha (the goddess of earth) and merges in to the earth. Lord Rama announces Lava Kusa as the crown princes of the Ayodhya kingdom.

This saga of Lava Kusa is also a Musical enchanter with songs depicting the legend epic Ramayana sung by eminent singers of our country with catchy tunes. Truly a balanced blend of action, comedy and values which will make “Lava Kusa the warrior twins” stand out exceptionally as a classic family entertainer.”

Lava Kusa The Warrior Twins animated movie is created by The Kanipakam creations in association with RVML animation studios. “The cinematic version of Lava Kusa is adapted from the great epic Ramayana. The film depicts the adventures and the determination of the twins showing them as true warriors,” according to the official website.

“Lava Kusa The Warrior Twins” is another animated movie in India based on the great epic after the success of Bal Ganesh 2 and Little Krishna. Bird Idol was another animated movie in Indian film industry which got the great popularity. Recently released movie of Rajinikanth - Robot Enthiran is also inspired by animation.

Audiences need to go in the nearest theaters to enjoy the animation of Lava Kusa in a very new aspect. The film touches many unseen aspect with a new approach. Gigantic falcon, squirrels, monkeys, rabbits and tortoises are the most appreciating animation characters of Lava Kusa movie. Background scenes, music and sound effects of the film are awesome.

Crook 2010 Movie – Crook Movie Review – Crook It's Good to be Bad Movie Released

Crook 2010 Movie
Crook is a new Hindi movie of Bollywood directed by Mohit Suri. Crook movie releases on 8th October, 2010 in Indian cinemas. Crook It's Good To Be Bad movie is featured with Emraan Hashmi and Neha Sharma.

Music of Crook Hindi movie is composed by Pritam. The film is produced by Mukesh Bhatt and written by Ankur Tewari.

Crook (Crook - Its Good To Be Bad) movie is based on racial attacks on Indian students in Australia. Neha Sharma, leading protagonist of the film, plays the character of a girl who is born and brought up in Australia. Neha Sharma plays a student who tries to mend the cultural gap between Indians and Australians.

Crook movie is based on a recent topic – attacks on the Indian students in Australia. Emraan Hashmi participates in the most popular comedy TV serial on SAB TV - Sajan Re Jhoot Mat Bolo to promote Crook 2010 film.

Crook Hindi film revolves around Jai. His father was a gangster. In the process of life, Jai had to figure whether it's Good to be bad or it is Good to be Good.

Soundtracks of Crook 2010 movie – Challa, Mere Bina, Kya, Tujhi Mein, Tujhko Jo Paaya etc. are composed by Pritam. The soundtracks and music of the film have already gotten much popularity.

Crook movie review is not sufficient presently. The film releases on 8th October, 2010 in Indian theaters. It seems that it is an entertaining film on the same track of Emraan Hashmi’s previous movies. There will be some entertainment, fun and moral aspect also in the film.

Crook is a youth oriented movie inspired by younger generations approach. The movie is not very popular like Dabangg or Hashmi’s previous movie - "Once Upon A Time In Mumbai" despite it, the film has gotten good response as an entertaining movie.

Do Dooni Chaar Movie – Do Dooni Chaar Movie Review – Do Dooni Chaar is a New Comic Tale of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor

Do Dooni Chaar 2010 Movie
Do Dooni Chaar is a new Hindi movie of Bollywood directed by Habib Faisal. Do Dooni Chaar movie releases on 8th October, 2010 in Indian theaters. Do Dooni Chaar is a new comic tale of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor (Neetu Singh).

Do Dooni Chaar Hindi movie is produced by Aindam Chaudhuri. Anshuman Maholay is cinematographer of the film. Rishi Kapoor, Archit Krishna, Aditi Vasudev and Neetu Kapoor are the leading casts of Do Dooni Chaar 2010 movie.

Official website of Do Dooni Chaar movie - www.dodoonichaarthefilm.com, writes about the film synopsis, “When was the last time you saw something - on a window display, on Amazon.com, in the flight magazine - and told yourself, 'Someday, I'll buy that!'? Santosh Duggal fights that battle almost every day! His animated family's needs far surpass his paycheck. After all, how much does an average Indian school teacher make? Probably 3 fancy dinners at the Marriott. But they are happily living in their little middle-class Delhi paradise.

And then one day, arrives Phupho, Duggal's 'little' sister from Meerut. She is here to invite them to a wedding at her in-laws and give them an ultimatum: They have to come by a car. The only problem is that the Duggals don't own a car. Phupho's solution? 'Khareed lo!'

Here is too much of Phupho's pride at stake to cancel going to the wedding. So the Duggals gear up for their first big purchase in years. The piggy banks are emptied. The PF is enchased. A loan is in the offing. New hiding places in the house are found, where everyone discreetly kept their savings. But the real battle lines are drawn within the house. The four of them can't seem to agree on anything - the car, the make, the color. Like Payal says, 'Hamaare ghar par discussions aise hi hote hai!' A mad journey ensues. After putting together all their resources, there is one big hole that remains to be filled. And then comes a gigantic lurking temptation. An easy way out? Will they take it?

DO DOONI CHAAR will revive your memories of your own family's story. It is the story of the middleclass man and his tireless endeavor in coping with the fast, new 'India Shining'. It's funny, real and heart warming. We all have our own scooter-to-car tales. We are all our own Duggal. Do Dooni Chaar makes us see the Duggal in us with the rare chance to laugh at ourselves.”

Do Dooni Chaar is a comic journey of Duggals’ family, a simple and middle class family. The movie makes us laugh with very simple and unique events of real life. It is the most appreciating movie of Rishi Kapoor after Chintu Ji. It is the story of a very simple family who lives with the basic needs of life. The family has not capacity to be big but it has the biggest dream of life. It is another tale of comic journey after Khichdi The Movie. Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor will be seen together on the big screen after a long time in a comic role.

Khichdi The Movie – Khichdi The Movie 2010 Review – A Story of a Mad Indian Family in Khichdi The Movie

Friday, October 1, 2010

Khichdi The Movie 2010
“Khichdi The Movie” is a new film of Bollywood directed by Aatish Kapadia. Khichdi The Movie releases on 1st October, 2010 in India. We will watch a story of a mad Indian family in Khichdi The Movie.

Supriya Pathak as Hansa Parekh, Anang Desai as Tulsidas Parekh, Rajeev Mehta as Praful Parekh, Nimisha Vakharia as Jayshree, Jamnadas Majethia as Himanshu Seth are the leading casts of Khichdi The Movie.

The film is produced by Jamnadas Majethia and written by Aatish Kapadia. Raju Singh is music director of Khichdi The Movie.

Official website of “Khichdi The Movie” - www.madindianfamily.com, writes about the film synopsis, “Narrated through the two wise kids of the hilariously madcap Parekh family, namely Jacky and Chakki. Khichdi – The movie is about a hare brained dream of a snail brained bunch of lovable losers. Hansa’s brother Himanshu has born a ridiculous ambition that is to have a memorable legendary love story. It’s all together another matter that he is not in love with anyone and neither is he capable of getting any sensible girl smitten to him. But as Babuji over wisely says that for every idiotic Praful there is an even more idiotic Hansa made, his prophecy turns out to be true. Parminder, Himanshu’s neighbor falls in love with Himanshu for no logical reason and the 2 get engaged to get married. That’s when this ridiculous story line takes a ridiculous turn. Himanshu realizes on the eve of the wedding that the impending ceremony would mean impending doom to his desire to have a legendary love story. For nothing interesting ever happened in his love story to make it memorable. It was a simple non happening take with a boring happy ending. No resistance, no conflict, no separation, no sad song, no climax nothing. And so our gifted dumb family sets out to stall the wedding. And then begins their journey to create all those missing stages in Himanshu's love story in order to make it legendary. How, in this hilariously hare brained process, they make a mess of everything and how at the incredibly ridiculous climax Himanshu eventually manages to win his love back, makes up the story of Khichdi-The Movie.”

So, it is the hilarious story of the two wise kids. The complete theme of the film revolves around finding a match for Himanshu. Khichdi The Movie is a low budgeted Hindi film in comparison of Anjana Anjani and Robot.

Enthiran Movie – Robot Enthiran 2010 Movie Review – Fastest Robot to Help the Society

Robot Enthiran 2010 Movie
Enthiran is a new Tamil science fiction film of Rajinikanth. “Robot Enthiran” movie releases today on 1st October, 2010 in Indian cinemas. It is the fastest robot to help the society.

Rajinikanth as Vaseegaran and Chitti, Aishwarya Rai as Sana, Danny Denzongpa as Bohra, Karunas as Ravi, Santhanam as Siva, Devadarshini as Latha, Kalabhavan Mani as Pachaimuthu, Sabu Cyril as Agent Shah and Cochin Haneefa as traffic police are the leading casts of Enthiran 2010 film.

Enthiran 2010 movie is directed by Shankar. It is produced by Kalanithi Maran. Music of the film is composed by A R Rahman. Robot 2010 film is edited by Anthony.

Official website of Enthiran Robot - http://robotthefilm.com, writes about the film synopsis, “Dr. Vasi’s thesis

Location – Chennai 2010

Mission – creating an Andro-Humanoid Robot – Chiti

Purpose – to help the society

Development time – 10 years

Configurations – speed one terra hz, memory one zeta byte, processor Pentium ultra core millennia V2, FHP 450 motor from Hirata, Japan.

Special Features – A human who is not born but is created. He can dance, sing, fight, is water and fine resistant. He can do all that a human can and more. He feeds on electricity. He takes instructions literally. Where a human can lie to save himself this andro-humanoid robot Chiti cannot lie.

Trobule shooting – where he has a razor sharp memory and can memorize an entire telephone directory by just running through the pages. He cannot understand human emotions. Dr. Vasi upgrades Chiti’s processor and simulates human emotions without realizing the repercussions. Chiti gets transformed. He an now feel, and the first feeling that he discovers is love.

Will this love come in the way of Dr. Vasi’s purpose of creating Citi?

Will Dr. Vasi’s own creation destroy him?”

So, the movie begins with the thesis of Dr. Vasi. He is creating a robot. It will be the fastest robot in the world. The robot can understand, sing, dance, fight and play. But he has no capability to understand the human emotions. It is Chiti. This time, Dr. Vasi is busy in upgrading the Robot so that it can understand human emotions.

First time, the Robot understands feeling of love. Now, what will happen in Dr. Vasi’s life?

Enthiran is the most awaiting movie of Rajnikant. Director of the film has already proved his capability with Nayak, Indian, Sivaji etc. Now, he is back with Enthiran: The Robot 2010 film. The film has already gotten a great popularity among the audiences for its great action and theme. It is a story of a machine just like Terminator. Enthiran is the most appreciating film this week after Anjaana Anjaani movie.

Anjaana Anjaani Movie – Anjana Anjani Movie Review – Love between Strangers Introduced in Anjaana Anjaani

Anjana Anjani Movie
Anjaana Anjaani is a new Hindi movie of Bollywood directed by Siddharth Anand. Anjaana Anjaani movie releases today on 1st October, 2010 in Indian theaters. Love between two strangers introduced in Anjaana Anjaani Hindi movie in a new form.

Ranbir Kapoor as Akash, Priyanka Chopra as Kiara and Zayed Khan as Kunal are the leading casts of Anjaana Anjaani 2010 movie. The film is produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. Music of the film has been composed by Vishal and Shekhar. Ahmad Khan is choreographer of the film.

Official website of Anjaana Anjaani 2010 film - anjaanaanjaani.erosentertainment.com, writes about the movie synopsis, “Two people can meet ANYWHERE. In a cab on a rainy New York afternoon, at the neighborhood bar, in a queue waiting to use the ATM Machine, On a plane, deep sea diving, in the middle of an earth quake, sitting on that famous bench at the Taj Mahal or standing under the Pyramids in Egypt. You can meet someone in the most mundane of circumstances or in the most exotic ones. Akash and Kiara meet. But they meet in a situation as unusual as no other.

But what if the two people who meet as strangers want to stay that way? They want to end right where they started – as strangers.

This is the story of two strangers on an odyssey of discovery – down a path that is ridden with the exquisite pain and joy of falling in love, only they don’t realize it.

A series of hilarious misadventures trace their bi-coastal road journey as they go about fulfilling their last wishes. But then life interrupts, as is its habit; and painful choices must be made. The duo part with the understanding that their days together were a brief interlude of insanity that had to succumb to real life.

They part as they met – as strangers. But can a cloaked love so strangers between two strangers conquer the idiom of normalcy we all believe in. Is it worth another chance? Is it worth leaving behind all that is familiar? Is it a love in time; is it truly the beginning they never expected? Follow Akash and Kiara, along this hilarious, contemporary yet poignant journey of stumbling into all that is worth living for.”

So, the whole story of Anjaana Anjaani Hindi movie revolves around two strangers. Director of the film has tried to introduce some hilarious aspect of life along with an emotional love story.

Anjaana Anjaani is the most appreciating movie of Ranbir Kapoor after Raajneeti and Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani. Priyanka Chopra has great expectation with this movie after Pyaar Impossible and Kaminey.

Entire theme of Anjaana Anjaani movie focuses on its two protagonists all through its runtime. The film opens as the most romantic comedy.

Anjaana Anjaani movie has not very effective story despite it, Cinematographer - Ravi K Chandran captures it flawlessly. Today, Anjaana Anjaani movie review is a trendy topic on the web for audiences.

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