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Idiot Box Movie – Idiot Box Movie Review – Idiot Box Hindi Movie 2010 Introduces the Drama of Entertainment

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Idiot Box 2010 Film
Idiot Box is a new Hindi movie of Bollywood which is releases on 19th March, 2010. Idiot Box movie is directed by Sunanda Mitra. Idiot Box movie 2010 introduces the biggest drama of Bollywood and Entertainment world.

Casts and Crew of Idiot Box Movie:

Jyoti Gauba as Anekta Kapoor:

Anekta Kapoor is considered to be the queen of Indian Television in Idiot Box Hindi film.

Sushant Singh as Subhrojeet Chakraborty:

Subhrojeet Chakraborty is the newly appointed creative director in Lalaji Telefilms in Idiot Box Hindi movie.

Hrishita Bhatt as Sumana Roychowdhury:

Sumana Roychowdhury is a Bengali girl from South Kolkata who lives and working in Mumbai in a pharmaceutical company in Idiot Box 2010 movie.

Milind Gunaji as Brij Bhushan Matondkar:

Brij Bhushan Matondkar is a happy go lucky person in Idiot Box movie 2010.

Sangamitra as Sangamitra:

Sangamitra is a world tourist cum travelogue writer who loves to talk in Idiot Box film.

Upashna Singh as T. V. Mirchandani:

T. V. Mirchandani is not only an avid Television viewer but also a spinster in Idiot Box movie.

Surendra Pal as Karunasindhu Jagatpati:

Karunasindhu Jagatpati is the secretary of the building premises in which Subhrojeet, Sumana and Mirchandani lives.

Idiot Box movie is produced by Shivnarayan B. Singh and Harish N. Sapkale. The movie is directed by Sunanda Mitra.

Synopsis of Idiot Box Movie:

Official website of Idiot Box movie, www.idiotboxthefilm.com writes about the movie synopsis and storyline, “Subhrojeet Chakraborty is given the assignment of enhancing the T.R.P. of a prorramme “Kabhi Yeh Kabhi Who” within 52 episodes by the queen of Indian television Ms. Anekta Kapoor. Upon seeing through the earlier episodes of the serial to incorporate a new track, he finds himself in a jam, since all the necessary tracks of twenty year leap, saas – bahu saga, dead man coming back, extra martial affairs, etc. have already been used several times by Anekta. He is in dearth of new ideas when he meets a bunch of people around him. T. V. Mirchandani, an avid television viewer, Karuna Sindhu Jagatpati an ex-forest officer and now the secretary of the building in which he lives, and of course Sumana Roychowdhary, a television hater, who becomes the girl of his dreams.

Success will give Subhrojeet a secure job in Anekta’s company Lalaji Telefilms with a hefty pay package and failure will send him back to his home town Kolkata. What will Subhrojeet do…?

How he finishes the episodes going through unexpected situations is what the story is all about…”

Idiot Box movie is based on a guy who loves his beloved and a got a job in a Television company. He has to prove himself by enhancing TRP but it is not very easy. The movie introduces the reality of entertainment world just like Rann movie.

There is already a Hollywood movie with the same name – Idiot Box (1996). Now, the Bollywood movie - Idiot Box has taken the same name with a new concept to explore the ideas about recent entertainment world.

The movie has taken the 2nd world of 3 Idiots movie also. Idiot Box is a low-budgeted Hindi movie which releases on the same date of Lahore movie in Indian cinemas.

Lahore Movie – Lahore Movie Review – Lahore Movie 2010 is based on the most Authentic Sports Kickboxing

Lahore Movie 2010
Lahore is a new movie which releases on 19th March, 2010 on the same date of Shaapit movie. Lahore movie is directed by Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan. Lahore movie is based on the most authentic sports kickboxing in the international arena.

Casts and Crew of Lahore Movie:

Farouque Shaikh as S K Rao, Nafisa Ali as Amma, Aanaahad as Veerender Singh, Shraddha Das as Ida, Sabyasachi Chakraborty as Sikandar Hyaat Khan, Kelly Dorji as Gajanan, Sushant Singh as Dheeru, Saurabh Shukla as Madhav Suri, Aashish Vidyarthi as Mohd. Akhtar, Mukesh Rishi as Noor Mohammmad, Nirmal Pandey as Anwar Shaikh and K Jeeva as Kunjal bhaskar Reddy are the leading casts of Lahore 2010 film.

Lahore 2010 movie is directed by Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan. Producer of the movie is Vivek Khatkar and J.S. Rana. MM Kreem is music composer of the movie. Lahore movie is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Lahore movie has already won various international awards including, Special Jury Award at the 42nd WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival.

Synopsis of Lahore Movie:

Official website of Lahore 2010 movie, lahore.in.com writes about the movie synopsis, “Lahore with the backdrop of a violent sport, kickboxing, tries to depict a strong message of unity and sportsman spirit between two nations – India and Pakistan. It’s a statement on the impact of sports on the lives of people through the medium of two brothers and their love for each other.”

Lahore movie theme is based on the violent sport – kickboxing. The movie has tried to introduce a strong message of unity and spirit of sportsman. The movie has tried to bring two nations together – India and Pakistan with the message of sportsman spirit.

On 17th March 2010, before the releasing of two days of Lahore movie, movies.indiatimes.com news portal writes, “LAHORE which releases globally on 19th March, 2010, has been denied a release in Pakistan.” Further, the website writes about the storyline of Lahore movie, “Dheerendra Singh (Sushant Singh) is selected in the national kickboxing team and under the guidance of coach Rao (Farouque Shaikh) represents India at the international kickboxing tournament in Kaula Lampur. In his combat with the Pakistani opponent Noor (Mukesh Rishi), Singh loses his life. Younger brother Veerendra Singh (Aanaahad), who is a professional cricketer, switches sport to avenge the death of his brother. He makes it to the follow up tournament in Lahore in Pakistan where he contends against Noor.”

It means Lahore 2010 movie is not going to release in Pakistan because of the movie title name. Lahore movie theme is revolved around the theme of global peace with the spirit of sportsmanship.

Recently, we had watched World Cupp 2011 movie that tried to introduce a relationship between India and Pakistan. Now, Lahore movie is ready to hit the Indian theaters on 19th March, 2010 with a new aspect of India and Pakistan by the most appreciating sports – kickboxing.

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