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London Dreams Movie Review – London Dreams 2009 Hindi Movie Based on Music Theme

Friday, October 2, 2009

London Dreams Movie 2009
London Dreams movie is a story of dreams of London. It is the biggest movie of Ajay Devgan and Salman Khan together after the most successful movie, Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. London Dreams movie has been directed by Vipul Shah who already has worked with the most famous movies, Namastey London and Singh Is Kinng. Vipul Shah always tries to give some national pride in his movie just like Puneet Sira.

London Dreams movie revolves around the character of Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan. Salman Khan sacrifices his life to fulfill Ajay Devgan dreams of London. Ajay Devgan is a professional musician who has dream of London. Ajay Devgan has acted as Arjun in London Dreams movie. He wants to fulfill his grandfather’s dreams of London. His grandfather dream was to get a stage of music in London. Arjun is very ambitious towards his life and career.

Salman Khan has acted as Mannu in the London Dreams movie that has little interest in his music tutor father's instruments. He enjoys his life with good things. He thinks that music is the strength in their friendship.

Arjun and Mannu is a very good friend. Arjun takes a risk with his life and runs way to London to his uncle. He roams on the street of London until taking a shelter in a music shop. London Dreams movie has shown the passion of Arjun to achieve the stage of music in London.

Arjun establishes a band in London with the help of Zoheb and Wasim. Zoheb and Wasim was also brother who had duped in Pakistan to travel to London. Priya (Asin Thottumkal) becomes a dancer of Arjun’s band in London.

On the other hand, Mannu plays music in weddings in his village to survive his life. Soon, Arjun come back to village and take away Mannu to London. But he soon realizes that Mannu is the biggest threat and obstacle to his own ambitions.

Mannu had gotten an inherent musical gift in his life and irreverent style of performing music. These style makes him instant darling of the crowds. This name and fame has not been taken by Arjun in many years but he achieves overnight.

Arjun’s jealous has gotten stronger place when Mannu wins his secret love, Priya. Now, Arjun has planned to destroy his best friend. On the tour of Paris, Rome and Amsterdam, Arjun sends many worse things to Mannu to destroy him. Mannu’s sprit and life almost breaks now. Arjun hopes to have glory of the moment among 25,000 crowds. In the end of the London Dreams movie, Arjun takes a lesion of the true meaning of acceptance in life.

London Dreams movie has introduced a big drama in musical life. It is the biggest musical movie of Bollywood. The movie is based on movie theme. The movie reveals the meaning of life. It is a philosophical movie towards life. Ajay Devgan is in same role of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam movie and Salman is also on the same character.

Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy has tried to put some different music in each song of London Dreams. Lyric of London Dreams are also very different in each songs. Headstarts Film UK Ltd. has produced the movie. Sejal Shah is the cinematographer of London Dreams.

London Dreams is based on city name just like – New York, Namastey London, Delhi-6, Mumbai Meri Jaan etc. In the recent days, there is a trend in Bollywood to choose a movie name on the most famous city name. People have craze to know more deeply about the city. Director also fulfills their dreams. Vipul Shah also has tried to show London very closely by London Dreams. We have to wait London Dreams till 30th October, 2009. London Dreams will be the biggest movie after All the Best movie for Ajay Devgan.

All The Best Movie Review - All The Best Hindi Movie Releases

All The Best Movie 2009
In the direction of Rohit Shetty, “All the Best” movie is bringing a great fun and entertainment just like Golmaal and Return of Golmaal movies. Ajay Devgan has taken the production of “All the Best” 2009 movie to give a new look as mega movie. Yes, “All the Best” Hindi movie is known as mega movie of Bollywood.

“All The Best” movie introduces many superstars such as - Ajay Devgan, Bipasha Basu, Fardeen Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Mugdha Godse, Asrani, Mukesh Tiwari, Johnny Lever, Ashwini Khalsekar etc. in the main cast. Music director, Pritam has also tried to give some energetic songs and lyric in the movie.

Jai Singh Nijjar has directed the best action for “All The Best” movie just like its previous version – Golmaal and Golmaal Return. All the action of the movie is very funny but seems like adventurous action.

Rakesh Ranjan has proved his talent of choreography in “All the Best” 2009 movie. He has arranged big sets and large number of people in each scene of songs and actions. On the set of “All the Best” song, you can watch a tremendous gathering of people.

Story of “All the Best” movie revolves around the Veer and Prem. Veer is a singer and greedy man. He gets extra money for his pocket uses from his step-brother Dharam. Dharam is a business-honcho from London. Veer wants to spend his life with Vidya as a single status. Prem is a concept car expert who helps, Veer in taking money from falsely embossed projection. Prem is married to Jhanvi. She takes care ancestors out-dated Chopra Gymnasium.

“All The Best” movie revolves around these character’s lies. Veer and Prem want to earn money in easiest way. They have opted the way of short-cut to earn money. Once day, suddenly Dharam visits on their place. Jhanvi is mistaken as Vidya and Vidya as Jhanvi due to insufficiency of time. They don’t be able to create circumstances according to them. Now, they start a juggling between prolonging the debt payment to a local don, Tobu. The outcome result is a rib-tickling comic situation. They face lies in this hilarious comedy of errors and situation.

Sunjay Dutt and Fardeen Khan have been introduced as new face in “All The Best” in new version of Golmaal. Combination of Tushar Kapoor and Sharman Joshi was perfect with Ajay Devgan in Golmaal for a natural fun and entertainment.

Fardeen Khan has already proved his comedy character in many Bollywood movies so, I think he will be perfect in “All the Best” movie also. On the other hand, Sanjay Dutt has also been found very suitable in any situation and character so, the movie will introduce him as a fun creator also.

Ajay Devgan will reveal the mystery of movie production from “All The Best” movie. He performs as a natural character in fun movies. He has already proved his talent from his previous movies.

“All The Best” Hindi movie is based on the same theme of Golmaal movie. Veer and Prem go into a lie fun and introduce more and more lie fun. In the end of the movie, they have no way to come out from their own lie. So, “All The Best” says “All The Best!” to Veer and Prem for their act. There is funny but adventurous actions also that will surly attract the audiences. The movie touches every aspect of human being life such as – life, attitude, fun and relations. “All The Best” movie 2009 releases on 16th October, 2009 on the occasion of Diwali in India.

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