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Aao Wish Karein Movie - Aao Wish Karein Movie Review - Aao Wish Karein Story about Fairy Tale

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Aao Wish Karein 2009 movie
Aamna Shariff and Aaftab Shivdasani are coming together in their upcoming movie, Aao Wish Karein. Their match in Aloo Chaat movie was not perfect for audiences. They had tried to introduce some comedy by Aloo Chat movie but the taste of that movie was not good for audiences. Now, they have planed to introduced themselves in a new looks in Aao Wish Karein movie.

Glenn Baretto is the director of Aao Wish Karein. Aaftab Shivdasani is writer, producer and actor of Aao Wish Karein movie. The movie is based on fairy tale which comes true when a kid make a wish.

Characters of Aao Wish Karein:


Aftab Shivdassani has played the character of Mickey in Aao Wish Karein movie. He is living his life just like a fairy tale. He has a lovely family. He is fond of video game. He has a girl friend also, Mitika. Despite, there is a big problem in the life of Mickey because he is 12 and Mitika is 22. He is called “Kid” by Mitika. In this worst condition of life, he wished to become big.


Aamna Sharif is in the character of Mitika in Aao Wish Karein movie. She just looks like an angel. Everyone has the same concept about her.


Bonnie is the best friend of Mickey in Aao Wish Karein movie. Mickey trust on him from his core of heart. He needs always advice of Bonnie. Bonnie gives some positive solution to the problems of Mickey’s and his life becomes a fairy-tale.


Johny Lever has played the character of Hitch-Cock in Aao Wish Karein movie. According to Hitchcock, angels exist in cyber-age also if we believe on that. “If you believe in fairy-tales, you become a part of them.”

Aao Wish Karein Story:

Story of Aao Wish Karein movie revolves around the character of Mickey who is about 12 years old kid. His life is almost like a fairy tale. He has a beautiful family, a best friend and his angel – Mitika. He has fun, enjoyment and his angel – Mitika. One day, he gives a rose to Mitika. Someone asked about that. She called him a kid. He realized that he is an adopted kid. He is called kid by Mitika. His all emotions run aimlessly. He also run and run and reach at hill. Hitchcock reads his sad story and suggests making a wish.

One day, Mickey wished to become a big. Suddenly, his whole life changed. A miracle takes place in Micky’s life. His wish comes true.

Is it blessing or a curse? Will Mitika love him? What will be the end of the fairy-tale? Do you believe in fairy-tales? Do you want to become a part of fairy-tale? Many questions are inside the Aao Wish Karein movie.

Conclusion of Aao Wish Karein:

Aao Wish Karein is just like a cartoon movie. Characters name of the movie are also very funny such as – Micky, Mitika, Hitch-Cock and Bonnie. All are similar to a cartoon game or movie. Concept of Aao Wish Karein movie is very similar to “Big” movie of Hollywood. Big movie was starting with Tom Hanks on the concept of becoming big by a wish. Recently released movies, Aladin didn’t get good popularity but animated movie, Bal Ganesh 2 became the successful. Aao Wish Karein is also a small movie with minimum characters just like a tale. The movie releases on 13th November, 2009 in Indian cinemas.

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