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Blue Movie Review - Blue Hindi Movie 2009 Underwater Action for Treasury

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Blue Hindi Movie 2009
Blue is a negative sense in common understanding. First Blue movie which was released in 1969 was based on inter-relationship of men and women. This was Hollywood movie for only adult. Another Blue Movie (1998) (V) was on the same theme of Blue 1969. Blue Movie (1998) (V) was based on a young report who had gotten the assignment of covering an adult video-shoot. Blue movie 2009 is very different from Blue 1969 and (1998) (V). Blue Hindi movie 2009 is based on underwater action for a treasury.

Blue is an action movie which has been formalized underwater same as 8x10 Tasveer movie. There is Akshay Kumar who is known as the action king. He is currently famous from his movie, Singh is King. He has done many scenes underwater without protection as per his statement on the winner occasion of Khatron Ke Khiladi 2 on COLORS. He revealed his action of Blue 2009 film during the promo of the movie. There were Sanjay Dutt and Zayed Khan also to promote their new Hindi film, Blue 2009.

In the content of Blue 2009 movie, there is underwater action but Zayed has done some bike stunt also that will really attract audiences. I think audiences will like Zayed Khan also for bike stunt after John Abraham. He has done much adventurous bike action than Dhoom.

Sanjay Dutt is also in very dashing role in Blue movie 2009. Blue 2009 will be his second action movie after Luck 2009 movie. He has also given some stunt underwater just like Akshay Kumar. Sanjay Dutt has also great expectation with the movie just like his next movie – All The Best because he is doing his best for the movie promo.

Akshay Kumar has great expectation with Blue Hindi movie because his mega movies – Chandni Chowk to China movie and Kambakht Ishq movie were failure.

Blue is the name of colour. The name of movie comes from ocean colour. Ocean colour is blue and the movie is based on ocean so, the movie name is Blue. Blue movie reveals the secret of Blue (ocean).

Blue movie story tells about a secret of 250 ft deep Blue. A myth of treasure attracts treasure hunters. Till now, no one has returned from the deadly depths of the Pacific Oceans. For not only treasure inaccessible; the ocean is guarded by deadly Sharks. Aarav, Sagar and Sam dives deep into these depths to hunt for the treasure.

There is different approaches from three – For Aarav who is wealthy, it is only about the getting more money and more risk. Sagar is very honest. So, for him; it is only about saving her girlfriend – Mona and his brother. Sam is dare devil. So, for him; it is only a matter of life and death. Emotion is very high and motive is very deep of all three.

They dive into deep water of Blue about 250 ft. Initially, they fight with sharks and many more animals of water. Finally, greed and betrayal takes place among them. The fight for treasury is continue under deep water of ocean.

Blue 2009 is also a mega movie which introduces many superstars of Bollywood. Blue Hindi movie introduces Akshay Kumar as Aarav Malhotra, Sanjay Dutt as Sagar, Lara Dutta as Mona, Zayed Khan as Sam, Katrina Kaif as Nikki and Rahul Dev in main casts.

Blue movie has been directed by Anthony D'Souza. American writers Joshua Lurie and Bryan M. Sullivan have written the movie story. Producer of the movie is Dhilin Mehta. Distributor of Blue Hindi movie is Shree Ashtavinayak Cine Vision Ltd. Kylie Minogue has given special appearance in the movie for “Chiggy Wiggy” song. A.R. Rahman is music director of the movie who has shown his effort in “Chiggy Wiggy” music. Mayur Puri has given the dialogues for the movie.

Adventure and Action has been shown by the trailer of Blue movie. Stunts of the movie are also very interesting. We just wait for the Blue Hindi movie in theater on 16th October, 2009.


Shivangi said...

This is one of the worst movies made in bollywood.

I went for the premiere in Abu Dabhi yesterday with lots of hopes. There is no storyline and Sanjay dutt looks old and ugly, wonder how Lara is paired with him as she looks super hot and gorgeous.

Zayed doesnt know how to act... The stars disappeared after the movie and didnt attend the bash later, probably fearing bad reviews abt the movie.

Overall waste of time and money.

soumalya said...

its another scrap movie by akkictol


Blue is bakwas,waste of time.go if u have headache pill.1 out of 5.

Ronit & Raghav said...

Absolutely FANTASTIC movie. Everyone should watch this movie for the sheer brilliance of cinema. I fail to understand certain people understanding of basic film making. Here in Canada I went to see this movie with some of my Canadian friends who normally wouldn't care to understand a hindi movie. They came out spellbound after the show. They said they never expected the movie to be like that and thought it was close to be a hollywood flick.
I was a proud Indian showing off to all my friends.
STOP bashing this movie just because you like latka jhatka flick and has no taste. "Do you know this movie is first High Definition Movie made in Bollywood (I watched this at a special Community screening at a Cineplex Theatre)". The same goes to some poor critics in bollywood who drag every good effort down to sell their column.

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