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Dhobi Ghat Movie Review – Dhobi Ghat: Mumbai Diaries Released in Cinemas on January 21

Friday, January 21, 2011

Dhobi Ghat: Mumbai Diaries Movie
Dhobi Ghat is a new Hindi movie of Bollywood directed and written by Kiran Rao. The film is featured with Aamir Khan and Prateik Babbar. Dhobi Ghat movie is produced under the banner of Aamir Khan Productions. Dhobi Ghat movie is released today on 21st January, 2011 in Indian cinemas.

Prateik Babbar as Munna, Aamir Khan as Arun, Monica Dogra as Shai, Kriti Malhotra as Yasmin, Rahul Dev as Smuggler, Shaam as Smuggler'sidekick, Kitu Gidwani as Vatsala and Nafisa Khan as Amma are the leading casts of Dhobi Ghat Hindi movie. Music of Dhobi Ghat film is composed by Gustavo Santaolalla.

Official website of Dhobi Ghat movie - www.dhobighatfilm.com, writes about the film synopsis, “Dhobi Ghat (Mumbai Diaries) is the story of four people from very different backgrounds, whose worlds intersect and leave them forever altered. As they find themselves drown into compelling relationships, the city finds it’s way into the crevices of their lives, separating them even as it brings them closer…

Fragments of their experience – seen through a naïve video dairy, black and white photographic images and painting – from a portrait of Mumbai and its people bound together as they journey through longing, loneliness, loss and love.”

Kiran Rao writes about Dhobi Ghat in the director notes on the above mentioned website, “…The film was shot on multiple formats (Super 16mm and Mini DV) on real locations in Mumbai, and I was fortunate to work with a talented cast and crew for many of whom this will be a debut. To have Aamir as a producer, actor and collaborator on the film was my great, good fortune, and I owe this film to his unflagging belief and support.

Dhobi Ghat is my homage to Mumbai and its people – people on the trains, in the boats, stuck in traffic, perched on the constructions sites, sitting by the sea, and thinking of tomorrow.”

Dhobi Ghat is a journal. It is just like a diary. It expresses the memories of its characters. The film talks about Mumbai and life in a metropolitan city. Dhobi Ghat is a very short movie. It is about 90 minutes long.

Dhobi Ghat movie review is very positive. I just review the Real Time update results over Google and found very positive approach of audiences towards the film. It is really a very appreciating movie of Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao production after Peepli Live. The film is approached for Aamir Khan as 3 Idiots. I hope you will enjoy Dhobi Ghat (Mumbai Diaries) being a fan of Aamir Khan.

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