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World Cupp 2011 Movie - World Cupp 2011 Movie Review - World Cupp 2011 Movie Introduces the Glamor of Cricket

Sunday, December 13, 2009

World Cupp 2011 Movie
World Cupp 2011 is an upcoming Hindi movie of Bollywood which releases on 18th December, 2009 in Indian cinemas. World Cupp 2011 movie has introduced a new type of nationalism for Indian audiences. World Cupp 2011 Hindi movie introduces the glamour of Cricket. The movie is based on the most famous game – Cricket.

World Cupp 2011 is directed and acted by Ravi Kapoor. The movie is produced by S. A. Gem Pvt. Ltd. Suresh Oberoi, Zakir Hussain, Ehsaan Khan, Ravi Kapoor, Manisha Chetterjee, Prem Chopra, Kashmira Shah, Ravi Kale, Smita Jaykar, Master Sagar Punjabi and Kamal Adip are the leading casts of World Cupp 2011 movie.

The movie theme revolves around the Cricket game. World Cup 2011 deals the truth of the game. Some very high profile people and businessman are involved in the match fixing. Media and government take an action against the business.

World Cup 2011 movie has introduced the centralized attention of underworld on the most glamorous game “Cricket” to make money. Ravi Kapoor has played the main lead in the movie as Ravi Indulkar. He plays for Indian Cricket team. His friends - Rajpal, Hiten, Irfan and Balwinder fix a World Cupp match which is held in 2007 against Pakistan with a bookie- Shobhan.

Now, Ravi Indulkar and his four teammates are banned to play cricket by BICI for 4 years. His girlfriend Soha also leaves her.

They get a chance by the coach to prove patriotism in World Cupp 2011. Again, they meet with their rival team – Pakistan in the final. Again Shobhan offers an amount to fix the match but Ravi refuses.

Now, Ravi's girlfriend Soha is kidnapped. As Ravi knows the situation, he calls the Home minister. The twist revolving around the two sides now – World Cup match and Soha’s life.

Home minister sends encounter specialist to rescue Soha. On the other hand, Ravi is struggling to win World Cupp 2011.

So, the whole theme of movie revolves around the World Cup match of 2011. The movie has taken an imaginary sketch of the game to introduce nationalism and patriotism. However, issues of match fixing is real. Although, story and character are imaginary in the movie. The movie has taken a very appropriate topic just like Kurbaan movie.

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