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Mission 11 July Movie – Mission 11 July Movie Review – Mission 11 July is based on the Attack on Indian Parliament in 2001

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mission 11 July Movie
Mission 11 July is a new Hindi movie of Bollywood which releases today on 15th January, 2010. Mission 11 July movie is directed by Vinod R. Thakur. Mission 11 July movie is based on the attack on Indian Parliament which was happened in 2001.

Casts of Mission 11 July Movie:

Vikram Gokhale, Mukesh Tiwari, Neena Kulkarni, Tarun Khanna, Natasha Singh, Pramod Moutho and Usha Nadkarni are the leading casts of Mission 11 July movie. The movie is produced by Manoj B. Jangid. Music director of the film is Afsar – Sajid. Shahab Allahabadi is the lyricist of Mission 11 July Hindi film.

Synopsis of Mission 11 July:

Mission 11 July revolves around a Muslim guy whose name is Shahid. He is in jail. The movie starts with the flashback memory of Shahid.

Shahid lives with his widowed mother in Pathanwadi. He is a fun loving guy of this area. He has full happiness and enjoyment in his life. He shares everything with his friends – Arjun, Rafiq and his beloved Raavi.

In this period, a professor, who belongs from Delhi, comes in the life of Shahid. He starts hypnotizing and brainwashing about jihad and Muslim community.

Slowly, Shahid falls in the trap of professor. In this process, one day he changes his mind and leaves his house. After some times, Shahid goes on a mission to blast the Indian parliament with his recruit Aftab.

Mission 11 July movie is based on a type of terrorism that is developed by some people. The whole story of the movie revolves around the young generations.

Mission 11 July movie has tried to show the cause of terrorism in a new aspect. Overall, the movie is good but it touches only one aspect of life.

Mission 11 July is a low-budgeted Hindi movie of Bollywood. The movie releases on the same date of Chance Pe Dance movie. The movie is based on the flashback memory of attack on Indian Parliament in 2001.


Gittanjali said...

I just saw MISSION 11 JULY and I think it is one of the better films that we have the opportunity to see. The heroine Nattasha Singh is like a breath of fresh air... no make up, no hair styling, no special lighting and no diffusers.. and she simply rocks as RAAVI.
Wish more movies are made like MISSION 11 JULY.

mady said...

I simply found "Mission 11 July" as a movie of today's time. Mission 11 july simply is one of the better films. i think this movie is over and chance pe dance..
..hope this movie rocks people realise the meaning of humanity.

Anonymous said...

just saw it.was surprised.very good movie.all good performances and loved the dailogues.well done

manpreeet said...

i have seen this movie today and mr vikram ghokle hats off to you sir,super dailogues.people must watch this film.very good message

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