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Paathshaala Movie – Paathshala Movie Review – Paathshala 2010 Hindi Movie Introduces a Discussion about Indian Education System

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Paathshaala 2010 Film
Paathshaala is a new Hindi movie of Bollywood in the direction of Milind Ukey. Paathshala movie releases on 16th April, 2010 in Indian cinemas starting with Shahid Kapoor, Nana Patekar and Ayesha Takia. Paathshala 2010 Hindi movie introduces a discussion about Indian education system to find out a better solution.

Nana Patekar as Principle Aditya Sahay, Shahid Kapoor as Rahul Prakash Udyavar, Ayesha Takia as Anjali Mathur, Saurabh Shukla as Lallan Sharma and Shushant Singh as Vijendra Chauhan are the leading casts of Paathshaala 2010 Hindi film. The movie is produced by Shaira Khan under the Paperdoll Entertainment production. Paathshala film is directed by Milind Ukey.

Music, lyrics and background score of Paathshaala 2010 film is introduced by Hanif Shaikh. Story and Screenplay of the movie is presented by Ahmed Khan.

Official website of Paathshaala movie, paathshaala.erosentertainment.com, writes about the film synopsis, “Teaching is a noble profession.

But is it really true in these days of commercialization and consumerism? Every day, we read in the newspaper about students being bogged down under study pressures, parents burdened with fees hikes, teachers punishing students inhumanly, some students even dying in such cases or some committing suicides…what state of affairs we have brought our education system to?

The story starts with joining of a new English Teacher Rahul Prakash Udyavar (Shahid Kapoor) in Swaraswati Vidya Mandir School, situated in the outskirts of Mumbai Suburbs. Though he creates instant rapport with students and teachers alike, he realizes that there is something amiss in this school. Slowly his doubts come true as manager of School Sharma (Saurabh Shukla) makes many monetary obligation compulsory on the parents in the name of extracurricular activities. He goes to the extent of punishing the students inhumanly when the new unjustified demands of the school are not fulfilled by the parents.

Day by day the stress level among the students increases many folds leading to the unexpected and grim consequences.

A situation becomes so explosive that finally it becomes a national issue.

Paathsala tries to answer many questions related to the sanctity of today’s education system. The high morals and basic ethics of the teachings have taken back seat. Profit and more profit have become a new mantra of education institutions.

Paathshala is not afraid of telling the truth of wrong doings of the greedy educational institutes on the face, neither it spares them from exposing the use of unethical media activities for the children who are yet not ready for it.

PAATHSHALA – An Urgent and Desperate eye-opening Mission for our Education System today.”

Paathshala movie has tried to focus today’s education system in our society. Concept of the movie begins with – “Teaching is a noble profession.” The movie tries to find out the reality of the concept on today’s context.

Paathshala Hindi movie introduces some facts of – “study pressures, parents burdened with fees hikes and teachers punishing students inhumanly.” In the series of the facts – dying of students – is the biggest aspect that reveals the reality of our education system.

Story of Paathshala Hindi film begins with a new English Teacher whose name is Rahul Prakash Udyavar. He joins Swaraswati Vidya Mandir School. The School is situated in the outskirts of Mumbai Suburbs. Soon, Rahul Prakash feels something amiss in the school.

In this situation, Rahul Udyawar unifies teachers against the atrocities of school management. Principal Aditya Sahay defends the management decision.

Paathshala 2010 movie tries to challenges the increasing immoralities and unethical practices in our education system. The movie has tried to analyze the relationship between students, teachers and the education system with sensitivity and sensibility. The movie tries to reflect the true spirit of an education system.

Paathshala 2010 film is all about an eye-opening mission for our today’s education system.

Director of Paathshala movie - Milind Ukey is inspired by the series of newspapers cuttings that he collected over periods of two years.

Paathshaala movie tries to create a platform for the collective introspections of educators, parents, students and intellectuals.

Paathshala is Hindi meaning of School. The movie name is based on the whole community of School from where a child starts his career. The movie starts with the concept of – “I am the school bench; on which once seat all the greatest minds.” Paathshala movie is presented by Eros International.

Paathshaala movie has taken the basic concept of our education system. The movie starts from a school. Paathshaala is not a single movie of Bollywood that hit the education system. We already have watched “Taare Zameen Par” that was also based on the competitive education system. The movie gave some logical solution that introduces a revolution in our education system. Mohabbatein (2000) had also tried to raise some questions on our education system. Finally, 3 Idiots movie introduces the best solution for education system.

All these movies already have tried to reveal the reality of our education system. Tamil movie - Sivaji: The Boss had also tried to introduce the commercialization and consumerism in the education system.

Nana Patekar has been introduced in Paathshaala movie as a very strict principle just like Virus of 3 Idiots. He can go to any extent for good education and discipline. He has been introduced in a very new looks in this movie after his recently released movie – Tum Milo To Sahi.

Paathshaala Film has tried to introduce the way of fighting also in an organization against amiss. Shahid Kapoor has been introduced as a good guy in this movie just like Vivah, Jab We Met and Chance Pe Dance. The movie has gotten the biggest popularity among audiences just like Kaminey movie.

Paathshaala movie has taken the very sensitive theme just like Rann movie. The movie raises many questions on the current education system. To know the better solutions about education system in the current society, you should watch Paathshaala movie in your nearest theaters on 16th April, 2010.

Shahid Kapoor attends his school - Gyan Bharti Public School, Saket, Delhi to promote his upcoming movie – Paathshaala.

Paathshala is an objective oriented Hindi movie that touches the essence of education system. The movie tries to show the reality of education system in our current society. The movie has tried to introduce the system of competitive education also.

Paathshala movie leaves some new questions behind it. Who is responsible for the current education system? Is stress less education possible in the capitalist and competitive society? Audiences should tries to find out the answer of these questions after having watched Paathshala movie. Paathshaala starts a fight against the well organized system – education system. Get educated in Paathshaala on 16th April, 2010.


Hem said...

Over looking this preview of movie PAATHSHAALA, this movie deal n challang about the today's education. Let's hope this movie will bring entire change in world of education not only in India but in other country too...........BEST OF LUCK "pAaThShAaLa"

Vijay Manohar Deshmukh said...


Not much focussed to what diretor wanted to show. Infact no song and without love story would have been better....

ashwin said...

Very nice it seems that it would address us abt education system in our society better.I will reques 2 all movie fans 2 watch dis movie.al d bst PAATHSHALA.

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