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The Great Indian Butterfly Movie – The Great Indian Butterfly Movie Review – The Great Indian Butterfly Introduces A Tale of Changing India

Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Great Indian Butterfly 2010 film
The Great Indian Butterfly is a new Hindi movie of Bollywood which releases on 2nd April, 2010 in Indian theaters. The Great Indian Butterfly is an art movie which is directed by Sarthak Das Gupta. The Great Indian Butterfly movie introduces a simple tale of changing India.

Amir Bashir, Sandhya Mridul and Koel Puri are the leading casts of The Great Indian Butterfly Hindi film. Producer of the movie is Sanjay Gupta and Parth Arora.

The Great Indian Butterfly Hindi movie has introduced total 12 soundtracks with remix versions - Thodi Thodi Saanjh, Kangana, Leh Leh Dil Se, Alone, Mad About You, Pretty Butterfly, You Have To Love Me, Leh Leh Dil Se - Remix, Kangana, Meera, Jesus Song and Come To My Rescue. Songs of the movie is really very appreciating. Lyrics and music of The Great Indian Butterfly 2010 movie is inspired by western influence.

Official website of The Great Indian Butterfly 2010 film, www.thegreatindianbutterfly.com, writes about the movie synopsis, “Krish and Meera, from a young Indian couple climbing the ladder of the corporate rate race in a nation hurling forward at a rate unprecedented in its long history, stressed, frustrated and unable to come to terms with the sacrifice required for success, they go in search of a legendary magical insect – The Great Indian Butterfly.

Last seen by the unknown Portuguese explorer Carodiguez, in a remote valley located in erstwhile colonial Goa, the butterfly possesses a magical aura, granting immense happiness to the person who catches it. In the journey that takes the couple from the smog filled, concrete jungle of the Megalopolis of Mumbai through the little discovered coastal landscapes of the western Sahyadris, to the sun soaked land of Goa, the couple lose more than what they want to rediscover. It becomes a passage, which seems to travel with a metaphor of its own and an insect as elusive as a fossil trapped in prehistoric resin.

Will they find the Butterfly? Can they survive the journey? Can it cost them their lives? Will the Great Indian Butterfly wreck havoc on their souls? Will there be redemption? Or is it a futile hunt for an answer to their crumbling lives? Is happiness a rare insect?

A simple tale in the complex miasma of a changing India.”

The movie revolves around mainly two characters – Krish and Meera. They are an average Indian middle class couple. They work in a Multinational Organization. They have will of achieving success in their life at any cost.

To get mental peace and success of life, they decide to go on a search. This quest was a hunt for the Great Indian Butterfly. Story of the movie revolves around an insect – “Butterfly” that brings happiness and sweetness in life.

Krish and Meera start their journey from Mumbai to Goa. In the journey, they achieve many things also beyond their happiness. The movie story is located to a remote valley in erstwhile colonial Goa.

The Great Indian Butterfly introduces a philosophical approach towards life’s happiness in the corporate and fast-paced lifestyle. The movie helps us to search the mental peace and happiness of life.

The Great Indian Butterfly is a low-budgeted Hindi drama movie which introduces an art form of life. The movie has tried to find out an answer about happiness. In the process of story, the movie has tried to give an answer towards happiness of life and mental peace.

The philosophical approach towards the life and peace in The Great Indian Butterfly movie is discovered by a journey which revolves around two characters. They belong to urban culture but their journey derives them into rural set.

Overall, The Great Indian Butterfly movie introduces a tale of changing India and mindset of Indian middle class families. You can join Krish and Meera’s journey this 2nd April in your nearest theaters. The movie spreads a great massage just like Lahore movie.


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