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Mittal vs Mittal Movie – Mittal vs Mittal Movie Review – Mittal vs Mittal is based on Marital Rape

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mittal Vs Mittal 2010 movie
“Mittal vs Mittal” is a new Hindi movie of Bollywood which releases on 26th March, 2010 in Indian theaters. Mittal vs Mittal movie is directed by Karan Razdan. Mittal vs Mittal movie is based on marital rape or spousal rape.

Casts and Crew of Mittal vs Mittal Movie:

Rituparna Sengupta as Mitali, Rohit Roy as Karan Mittal, Gulshan Grover as Harish Salunke and Suchitra Krishnamoorthy as Karuna Maheshwari are the leading casts of Mittal vs Mittal Hindi film.

Mittal vs Mittal 2010 movie is distributed by Bajoria Entertainment Worldwide and produced by Rajeev Kore. Shamir Tondon is music director of the film. Shabir Ahmed has given lyrics for the movie.

Synopsis of Mittal Vs Mittal Movie:

Official website of Mittal vs Mittal, www.mittalvsmittal.com, writes about the synopsis of the movie, “Girls have dreams - dreams of a fairytale romance, of prince charming sweeping them off their feet, a dream wedding and living happily ever-after. Mitali, a successful model, also had dreams... Then one day she met Karan, the Mittal scion, the heir to one of the richest families in the country. Mitali ‘s simple, middle-class upbringing is in complete contrast to Karan’s super-brat lifestyle. But Karan was smitten by Mitali. Accustomed to getting what he wants in life, Karan landed up at Mitali’s home with his parents with a marriage proposal. Delighted at their daughter’s luck, Mitali’s family approved of the match. And Mitali entered Karan’s home and life as his newly-wedded bride.

It was not long before Mitali’s dreams turned into her worst nightmare. Her mother-in-law detested her and created misunderstandings between Karan and her. Karan turned out to be a puppet in his mother’s hands and her father-in-law is a helpless, mute spectator. Karan has a certain pattern of dealing with women and wanted to subdue Mitali’s independent streak. He who appeared to be a loving, doting husband was in fact a violent monster at night within the privacy of their bedroom. Unable to bear the humiliation and pain after she resisted his advances and is raped by him, Mitali decided to take charge of her life. She decided to fight back.

Mitali walked out of her in-laws home, hired a lawyer and filed a case against her husband. Karan retaliated by hiring the best lawyer money can buy to fight on his behalf.

Mittal Vs Mittal is about to he heard in court.

It is a case on file that fights for the rights of women like Mitali who are subjugated to domestic violence and inhuman treatment at the hands of husband and in-laws. It is a case that will empower women to fight for their pride, respect and their very right to live with dignity. It is Mitali Mittal versus Karan Mittal…”

Synopsis of the movie has taken a very simple story that raises some questions between the relationships. Mittal Vs Mittal introduces an injustice between the relationship of husband and wife. The movie revolves around the Mitali Mittal V/S Karan Mittal.

Story of Mittal Vs Mittal 2010 movie begins with a dream of a simple girl – Mitali. She had the dream about her life and wedding. She gets married in a rich family with Karan Mittal.

Mittal Vs Mittal movie introduces the bitter relationship between husband and wife after marriage and a rape victim's story. The whole theme of the movie introduces many sections of Indian marriage law – before marriage, after marriage and relationship between husband and wife in the eyes of law.

Mittal Vs Mittal raises some debate also in our society. What is the parameter to decide that relationship between husband and wife is rape after marriage? Will marriage relationship run by law?

Watch Mittal Vs Mittal on 26th March to know the relationship and injustice towards a woman in a series of story that introduces marital rape. The movie releases on the same date of Hum Tum Aur Ghost movie.


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