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Aarakshan Movie Review – Prakash Jha is not able to keep Aarakshan Movie on the Realistic Ground on the Issue of Reservation

Friday, August 12, 2011

Aarakshan Movie 2011
Aarakshan is a new Hindi movie of Bollywood based on the issue of reservation. It is being recognized as a controversial movie on the issue of reservation in Indian context. Presentation of issue of reservation in Aarakshan movie is very sharp. The movie gets banned in UP, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh before its releases. But on the date of release, the ban is lifted by the government. Aarakshan movie releases in all over India on 12th August, 2011.

Prakash Jha is a well known Indian director, producer and screenwriter. He raises social issues of our society in his movies. He has tried to put realistic examples in his movie to make them more interactive with the audiences. Prakash Jha got very good response from his last movie - Rajneeti. It was based on the complex reality of politics in our society.

Aarakshan raises a debate inside us. Prakash Jha has tried to find out the objectives of reservation and its impact on our society through the movie.

Debate on reservation in our society is not a new issue. But Prakash Jha has tried to present the issue in a very new way to us by Aarakshan movie.

Dialogues of the movie are superb and realistic. Amitabh Bachchan, Saif Ali Khan and Manoj Bajpayee are very perfect in their roles. Appearance of Hema Malini is not very effective.

Aarakshan is very good and thematic in the beginning. But soon it leaves the topic of reservation and turns towards the romance of Saif and Deepika Padukone. This time, Prakash Jha is not able to keep the issue of reservation on the realistic ground in Aarakshan movie.

Aarakshan movie review is average. It has been rated as an average movie by many big media and online portals. The movie mainly focuses on the subject of commercialization of education system. So, issue of reservation is very vague. Prakash Jha is not able to present the objectives and impact of reservation in our society. But he is able to include some revolutionary dialogues on the issue.


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