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Nakshatra Movie Review – Mythological Romance Introduced in 27_13.20 Nakshatra 2010 Movie

Thursday, October 28, 2010

27_13.20 Nakshatra 2010 Movie
27_13.20 Nakshatra is a new Hindi movie of Bollywood written and directed by Mohan Savalkar. Nakshatra movie releases on 29th October, 2010 in Indian theaters.

Subh Mukharjee as Ajay, Sabina Sheema as Jiya, Milind Soman as Gupte and Anupam Kher as Sharad are leading casts of Nakshatra Hindi film. Ravindra Singh is producer of the film.

Nakshatra 2010 film follows the concept of Hindu mythology. It revolves around the story of Moon. Official website of Nakshatra Hindi movie - www.nakshatramovie.com, writes about the film synopsis, “When an opportunity to write a script for a movie comes to Ajay, an aspiring script writer, he is thrilled, more by the thought of finally being able to prove himself to Jiya, the girl he loves, than the knowledge that this could very well be the beginning of a bright future in the world of celluloid.

A robbery being the main theme of the plot, Ajay works hard at getting the script right. Jiya is elated when Ajay’s script is accepted and they get engaged. Things take a turn for the worse when Ajay is arrested for a crime he didn’t commit. Sharad, his friend who had helped him several times in the past, promises to bail him out as soon as possible.

Jiya, who has been helping Ajay clear his name, makes a surprising discovery. The fact that she now knows the identity of the killer and the mastermind behind the plot does little to ease her mind.

27_13.20 Nakshatra is a romantic thriller that deals with the complexities of life. It is a story that portrays different shades of colors that paint a bond of love between two completely different people. It is a story about a dreamer, whose dream is mislead by destiny, as it charges ahead to prove itself. It is a story about a dreamer who then chases, the law of love, truth, justice and destiny.”

The website talks about the mythology also, “According to Hindu mythology, Moon had married all the 27 daughters of king Dakshan, who are the star constellations (27 Nakshatras) in the sky. But he loved to spend time with only his beloved queen Rohini. Other wives complained the matter to their father. Inspite of king Dakshan`s repeated interference, Moon did not rectify his habit. Dakshan finally lost his mind and cursed moon, causing it to wane in size. Moon started diminishing in size, and feeling the ill consequences of it, all the gods intervened and requested the king to revoke the curse. King then assured that only if Moon visits all his wives, he would regain his strength for half a month, constantly waxing and waning in size. That is the reason why Moon visits the entire 27 constellations and spend approximately one day in each constellation... each constellation is divided equally @ 13.20 ... this is how we arrived at the figure....27_13.20. However, any connection to mythology, astrology ends here ...this film is an action thriller.”

27_13.20 Nakshatra is an action thriller Hindi movie with a murder mystery. Milind Soman is seen as a cop. Story of Nakshatra movie revolves around a priceless diamond necklace. It is stolen despite high security. Milind Soman tries to find out the suspect.

Nakshatra movie has a bit of romance with a bit of action. Thriller aspect of the film leaves you restless. So, if you want to enjoy some thrilling action, you can go in theaters on 29th October, 2010 for Nakshatra film. It is another mythological film after Hisss movie.


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