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Bird Idol Movie – Bird Idol 2010 Movie Review – Bird Idol Animated Movie Releases on 23 April

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bird Idol Animated Movie
Bird Idol is a new animated movie. Bird Idol 2010 movie revolves around a group of birds in Mumbai. Bird Idol animated movie releases on 23rd April, 2010 in Indian cinemas.

Bird Idol movie revolves around the birds of Mumbai. They are just like human beings. They do all things that a human being does. They go on date, school etc. They watch a reality TV Show also that is called Bird Idol.

Bird Idol movie revolves around a bird called “Hummy”. The group of birds is inspired by human music.

Bird Idol 2010 movie is inspired by recently developed technologies and effects of animation. We already have watched the popularity of Avatar movie, Alice in the Wonderland movie and Clash of the Titans movie.

It is the time of animated movies in Bollywood also. Recently, Bal Ganesh 2 movie got the biggest popularity in the series of Bal Ganesh. There are many animated movies in bollywood which create a history in the world of cinemas.

Krishna, Ramayana, Mahabharata and many more animated movies already have created a history in the world of animation. Now, Bird Idol movie has tried to introduce a beautiful world of birds.

The movie targets kids and dreamy youth also. Bird Idol is just like a comic movie. The movie is directed by Jyotin Goel. Producer of the movie is Jyotin Goel and Dev Goel.

A series of Little Stuart, Hollywood movie already have introduced the biggest theme of animated birds and animals in the world of human beings.

Bird Idol movie theme is based on the reality musical TV Show. Some birds participate in an audition of musical reality TV Show. The movie starts from auditions and covers all aspect of a musical reality Show.

Bird Idol introduces a beautiful background scene. Animated birds and background scenes of Bird Idol are very live. Children can enjoy their full of life with Bird Idol movie in Indian cinemas on 23rd April, 2010.


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