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Hide and Seek 2010 Movie – Hide & Seek Movie Review – Hide N Seek Hindi Movie Introduces a Game of Six Friends

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hide & Seek 2010 Movie
Hide and Seek is a Hindi movie of Bollywood which releases on 12th March, 2010. Hide & Seek is a thriller movie of Bollywood. Hide N Seek Hindi movie introduces a game of six best friends.

Casts and Crew of Hide and Seek 2010 Movie:

Younger Casts:

Shweta Verma as Gunita, Alok R Batra as Om, Nutan Shinde as Jyotika, Pavail Gulati as Abhimanyu, Mohit Dutta as Jaideep and Prasad Bharve as Imran have played the characters of younger casts in Hide & Seek movie.


Om – Purab H Kohli

Jyotika – Mrinalini Sharma

Abhimanyu – Samir Kochhar

Imran – Ayaz Khan

Jaideep – Arjan Bajwa

Gunita – Amruta Patki

Producer of the movie is Apoorva Lakhi and Laxmi Singh. Shawn Arranha is the director of Hide N Seek movie. Dialogues of the movie have been given by Raj Vasant. Music Director is Gourav Dasgupta and Chirantan Bhatt. Hide and Seek Hindi movie is presented by Moserbaer Entertainment.

Official website of Hide N Seek movie, www.hideandseekthefilm.com writes about the synopsis of the film, “They were kids OM, Abhi, Jaideep, Imran, Gunita and Jyotika. And it all started as a game on a Chilly Christmas Night.

But little did they expect that night and that game would change their lives forever.

Twelve years later, while some still wrestled with memories of that fateful night and others left it buried deep within them. It was a past that came back to hunt them again.

This time it all started with a mysterious message. A catchphrase from their past which results in Om, just out of asylum, getting a surprise visit from childhood sweetheart Jyotika.

While the same message distracts Abhi, Oms estranged brother and business tycoon. In a corporate boardroom, it disturbs Gunita. The damsel in financial distress sends Chills down the Spine of Imran. The fat kid grown up into a muscular movie star and intrigues Jaideep. The Bully whose graduated into a political Hooligan.

Twelve years later, someone was bringing them all together. To play that game all over again!

But this time it will cost them their lives!

Hunted by the past trapped in a shopping Mall six best friends turn into worst enemies as they play Hide & Seek!”

Story of Hide and Seek movie revolves around the 6 best friends - OM, Abhi, Jaideep, Imran, Gunita and Jyotika. They start a game on the eve of Christmas night. They didn’t think that the game returns in their life again after 12 years.

According to the director notes, “Hide & Seek started off as a small thought which over time grew into a serious idea and before I knew it. This small thought had become my reality. Time for me seems to have passed in a flurry of activity since then. It feels like yesterday when we finished scripting, casting, started shooting, got into post production. And here I stand today at the threshold of judgment.

In retrospect it’s been an amazing journey with producers as supportive as mine. I have had very little to worry about. And I must mention in particular my wonderful cast who made life for me on set as uncomplicated as they did. Most debutant directors crave stars but I chose to tread them other way and cast an ensemble of 6 very talented actors.

Hide & Seek is a suspense thriller. I have tried to add my own stamp to it by bringing into play certain unique techniques that I hope shall have the audience sitting at the edge of their seat, wondering what comes next.

The film is the story of six best friends and one night when something so terrible happens to them that its impact resonates through their seeing for the next twelve years. Now, twelve years later, having lost all contact with each other. They find themselves face to face once more with their past coming back to haunt them. These six friends must play a game of survival. A game of Hide & Seek.”

So, Hide & Seek is a suspense movie which introduces thriller in Indian cinemas on 12th March, 2010. The movie is introduced with 6 best friends with a fun night. After 12 years, again they meet together. But now they have to play a game of survival. It is the game of Hide & Seek.

With the same name, Hollywood already has introduced a movie – Hide and Seek in 2005. It was a horror film and psychological thriller. The movie didn’t get much popularity there. Tag line of the movie was, “Come Out Come Out, Whatever You Are.”

We already have watched Fox 2009 movie which was also based on mysterious thriller. The movie also didn’t get popularity. Now, Hide N Seek movie is ready to hit the Indian cinemas on 12th March, 2010.

Overall, “Hide and Seek” movie introduces some new faces in Bollywood. It is a low-budgeted Hindi movie which introduces thriller and suspense with game of Hide and Seek.


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