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Veer Movie – Veer Movie Review – Veer is an Epic Love Story of a Warrior

Monday, January 18, 2010

Veer Movie 2010
Veer is an upcoming Hindi movie of Bollywood which releases on 22nd January, 2010. Veer movie introduces Salman Khan in a very new looks. Veer movie is an epic love story of a warrior from the pages of History.

Veer Movie Casts:

Salman Khan as Veer:

Veer is a heroic character in Veer film. He is impetuous in action, emotional in love and a tiger in battle field. Veer is just a brave, heroic and true person. In a situation of his life, he has to choose his true love or his call of duty. What will be chosen by him?

Mithun Chakroborty as Prithvi Singh:

Prithvi Singh is the head of the Pindaris in Veer movie. He has promised to avenge for the deception for his tribe and land.

Jackie Shroff as Raja of Madhavgarh:

He is an informer of the British who cheated the Pindaris to please them. But he lost his arm.

Bharat Dasholkar as Chaman:

Chaman is a man with very good physique who lives in the group of Prithvi Singh in Veer movie. He is a very soft hearted man who loves Prithvi and his family much.

Ashok Samarth as Magan:

Prithvi shares his life and thoughts only with Magan. He treats Prithvi’s children just like his own sons in Veer film. He is very intelligent and understands the rule of British.

Vinay Apte as Nanku:

Nanku is a very emotional and brave Pindari. He also belongs to the Prithvi’s group. He is also very close to Prithvi.

Gita Soto is Poonam:

Poonam is cousin of Lisa. She is a beautiful girl with a golden heart. Poonam is a Britisher but doesn’t like their policy to rule others.

Puru Rajkumar as Kunwar Gajendra Singh:

Gajendra Singh is the prince of Madhavgarh. He is stylish, arrogant, disciplined, educated and a dominating guy who believes “he is born to rule”.

Zarine Khan as Princess Yashodhara:

Yashodhara is a beautiful girl and leading protagonist of Veer movie. She is an opposite character of Veer in the movie.

Veer – An Epic Love Story of A Warrior movie is presented by Eros International. It is a movie of Vijay Galani Moviez Production. Producer of Veer movie is Vijay Galani. The movie is directed by Anil Sharma. Story of the movie is given by Salman Khan. Sajid-Wajid is music director and Gulzar is lyricist of Veer Hindi film. Gopal Shah is cinematographer of the movie. Action of the movie is given by Tinu Verma. Anna Singh is the costume designer of Veer film.

Synopsis of Veer Movie:

Story of Veer movie has been taken from the misty pages of history. Story of the movie introduces the fierce pride and a poignant love.

Story of Veer movie introduces the Kings and Nawabs who fall to their guile and cunning to please British. In this process, they entrust their precious kingdoms to the foreigners.

Only the brave Pindaris have not entrusted their kingdoms to the foreigners. They prefer death to dishonor. They were ready to fight to their last breath to save their land…their mother.

In the Pindaris, Veer was the bravest, toughest and strongest. If Veer starts a fight against the British Empire, he also had to fight with the King of Madavgarh.

In this fight, he had to choose his love or land because princes Vashodhara was his love. In the battle field where cannons roar, swords clash and blood soaked land; one valiant warrior stands head – Veer.

Veer is an epic legend of bravery and drama, betrayal and love. Pindaris were a tribe of fearless warriors of the 19th century when the British ruled India.

Overall, Veer movie has the biggest canvas. It is big budgeted movie of Bollywood. Veer movie director, Anil Sharma is ready to introduce the biggest Hindi film with the greatest action and romance just like “Gadar: Ek Prem Katha”.

Veer movie introduces the largest fight of History. It is just a historical movie just like “Troy” movie of Hollywood. Veer movie will surly introduce a new era for Salman Khan in Bollywood.

We, audiences are also waiting for the movie because it is the rarest movie in Indian cinemas. There are many critics also towards the movie about the costume of Veer that doesn’t matches to the historical evidence. Despite, Veer is one step ahead from the Bollywood tradition. Veer is very different from recent released movies of Salman Khan – London Dreams and Main Aur Mrs Khanna movie.

We already have seen the eagerness of audiences during the promotions of Veer movie. Audiences are much eager to watch the movie in theaters on 22nd January, 2010.


regine_12 said...

this movie is so beautiful ilove the story

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